Check Out the 12 Very Sexy Men Vying for Mr. Gay Europe 2017

Check Out the 12 Very Sexy Men Vying for Mr. Gay Europe 2017

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An annual competition, Mr. Gay Europe 2017 brings delegates from all across the continent to be judged on a combination of intellect, confidence, awareness, self-esteem, looks and charm.

Their website reads: “If there is one thing we don’t want to be, is a beauty pageant where body trumps brains, and muscles are more important than man to man relationships, networking and friendship, and unity through diversity.”

“Mr. Gay Europe is the original Mr. Gay competition, though others have tried to copy us and even tried to change us, we want to go back to the roots, where friendship and enlightenment are the focus of the competition.”

This year, the final of Mr. Gay Europe 2017 takes place in Stockholm Sweden during Stockholm Pride.

Get to know this year’s delegates a little better by checking out their Instagrams. Then, head to the Mr. Gay Europe website and read their self penned bios. Next, you can vote for your favorite before a winner is picked on August 5 in Stockholm.

Check out the 12 delegates for Mr. Gay Europe 2017:

Ben Brown, Wales, 28

“I haven’t had the easiest start to life this being from struggling with my sexuality at a young age and leading a false life, to being disowned by family and ending up homeless when I told them I was gay.”

Jaromir Šufr, Slovak Republic, 41

“I like to teach and present my little country, which may also, to a certain extent, change people’s minds but also bring support to gay community and also be among the big European countries.”

Steven Whyte, Scotland, 39

“Having struggled greatly with my weight and my own body image over the years, I think it’s hugely important to spread a message that we all come in shapes and sizes and that’s really ok while promoting the wellness benefits of fitness and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

Joao de Oliveira, Portugal, 27

“I’m very interested so if you want I would like represent Portugal in Mr Gay Europe because I have charisma, I am sociable, I like to help and defend human rights.”

Kacper Sobieralski, Poland, 26

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I think that it is the time to say “Poland Wake Up”! First of all, I would like to see equal rights for homosexual people in every country.

Stephen Lehane, Ireland, 24

“I believe that the strength of the LGBT+ community is that its members span every race, language nationality, religion, age, body type, etc.”

Rami Joel Kiiskinen, Finland, 20

“To me it is important to bring the voice, the ideas and the needs together from the people and the societies they can’t or they don’t have the tools for it.”

Niko Wirachman, Germany, 27

“Mr. Gay Europe is a well known contest that stands for an institution for all European LGBT’s. That goes hand in hand with my campaign ‘I am Niko’ which reinforces children and adolescents to embrace their differences and be proud of them.”

Matt Rood, England, 37

“Taking part would enable me to use this as a platform to help promote equality in the adoption and fostering services.”

Daniel Fröhlich, Czech Republic, 23

“I wish the LGBT community has begun to reconnect so that people stop thinking only of themselves.”

Yuksel Yuseinov, Bulgaria, 28

“I am not hiding that I am gay and with my participation at Mister Gay Europe 2017 I want to give an example to all gay people in Bulgaria to be out and not stay in the closet.”

Jaimie Deblieck, Belgium, 18

“I know that there is still a lot of work to do to become that LGBTQI+ society which we are all fighting for.”