Meet the First Mr. Leather Brazil, Who Might Just Become International Mr. Leather!

Meet the First Mr. Leather Brazil, Who Might Just Become International Mr. Leather!

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São Paulo’s Eagle Bar, named for the legendary New York bar, hosted the finals of the Mr. Leather Brazil contest — sponsored by Hornet, the world’s premier gay social network.

The fetish world’s most important contest came to Brazil for the first time this year. Of the 9 contestants, five made it to the finals: Dom Barbudo, Deh Leather, Dom Bear, Klaus Bartig and Robert Leather.

It was Dom Barbudo who won the competition. “Barbudo” is Portuguese for “Bearded,” and as you can see from the pictures, he sure is! Dom Barbudo scored the most points — both from the judges and the online voting!

Dom Barbudo, also known as Luiz, was born in the south of Brazil. The 49-year-old has lived in São Paulo for 20 years, but it wasn’t until 2000 when he first got into the leather scene. It was during a New Year’s Eve trip to Toronto when he walked in a gay bar that had two doors: One for leather lovers and the other for the vanilla crowd. He got lost from his boyfriend when the men walked through different doors. But it worked out fine — Luiz got his first glimpse that his fantasies could actually be real!

At that moment, Dom Barbudo was born. His first leather outfit was a ’70s jacket he secretly snatched from his biker uncle. 

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Before the Internet was commonplace, it could be very hard to find guys with similar interests. There weren’t a lot of places to go — even in the leather scene, meetings focused more on discussions about the leather world. Those looking for action were sorely disappointed.

Thankfully, the scene has changed incredibly thanks to dating apps. It’s through apps like Hornet where Dom Barbudo met guys he’s had in his BDSM session — almost 300 guys, in fact!

Fun fact: Dom Barbudo would much rather dominate and his subs include a number of straight guys.

Dom Barbudo is active on Hornet — look him up as @2001z! He says the app is his favorite for many reasons: Besides the fact that he can read relevant news, he gets information about gay parties and events. Since he’s a premium user, Dom Barbudo is also able to see who’s visited his profile. Bonus!

He’s going to the United States next month to represent Brazil in the International Mr. Leather finals. “It’s a very special moment in my life! I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time. To be acknowledged this way is a big prize in itself! It’s the first time our country is going to be represented abroad and I intend to do Brazil proud.”

The International Mr. Leather contest takes place in Chicago this May 25-29.

Translated by Rafael Lessa.

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