MRAturday: How the Men’s Rights Movement Defends Child Molesters

MRAturday: How the Men’s Rights Movement Defends Child Molesters

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Whenever people discuss the problems that women face in today’s world, somebody always pipes up, “What about the men? Why isn’t anyone worried about men’s problems?”

Fortunately, there is a group fighting for the needs of men.

Unfortunately, that group is the men’s rights movement, and it’s completely bonkers.

In this series, Unicorn Booty will take a look at some of the bizarre, ridiculous, and occasionally horrifying battles fought by the men’s rights movement.

This week, we’re going to take a look at how men’s rights activists (MRAs) gallantly defend adult men who really want to bone tweens.

Disclaimer: I will not distinguish between the different flavors of men’s rights activist: pick-up artists (PUAs), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOWs), Red Pillers, etc. Saying, “That guy’s not an MRA! He’s a PUA!” is the same as saying, “My shirt’s not pink! It’s salmon!” I don’t care which subspecies of douche each individual calls himself. Here is how I’m defining MRA: a terrible goober who claims that men are oppressed because women can choose who to have sex with. Just be grateful I didn’t use Marc Maron’s term: “unfuckable hate nerds”. 

How the Men’s Rights Movement Gallantly Defends Child Molesters

One common complaint of the men’s rights movement is that adult men aren’t allowed to have sex with children.

That may sound like slander. That may sound like an exaggeration. But it’s true. Many of the prominent voices in the men’s rights movement cry out about the evils of age of consent laws.

“He does not unlike women just because they’re young”

A GQ reporter visited a men’s rights convention held by Paul Elam. There, the reporter met a man named Albert Calabrese, who complained of how his friend Robert Maynard went to prison for child pornography:

[Calabrese’s] issue is girls. His friend Robert Maynard, he says, is in prison because of one. She was 14. “He received a naked picture of her,” Calabrese says, his vowels rounded and clipped, his indignation over the verb received making his eyes wide…

He says Maynard might argue that 14 is sexually mature, that he thinks the age of consent should be the average age of menarche: 12.3. “He likes women,” Calabrese says. “He does not unlike women just because they’re young.” Calabrese does not unlike preteen girls, either.

Calabrese’s account of his friend’s behavior doesn’t quite capture the full story. Fayetteville police say that a search of Robert Maynard’s laptop turned up “40 images of a sexually explicit nature involving children between the ages of 9 and 15.”

Albert Calabrese has his own issues as well. A former substitute teacher, Calabrese was arrested in 2011 for trying to have sex with a fourteen year-old girl he met on the internet.

“The Age of Consent is Misandry”

Calabrese and Maynard aren’t outliers. An MRA blogger who referred to himself as Jay Hammer wrote a post titled “The Age of Consent is Misandry”, in which he argued that legally barring men from having sex with eighth-graders constitutes misandry (hatred of men):

“Females generally do not significantly mature mentally past puberty so it should always be illegal for any woman to have sex or it should never be illegal for any woman to have sex. There is no arbitrary age where females suddenly become self-aware, realizing the consequences of their actions, and stop seeking out alpha males. Thus there must not be an arbitrary age of consent for sex.”

He also went on to say that an attraction to little girls is simply “healthy male sexuality.”

“Pedophilia is unfairly persecuted in today’s society”

MRA/libertarian TJ Kirk (who vlogs under the name The Amazing Atheist) posted the following message in 2006 on a Marilyn Manson forum under the name Terroja:

“From the time I was 14 to the time I was about 19, I used to have extreme pedophilic fantasies…

I do think, however, the pedophilia is unfairly persecuted in today’s society.

I think the difference in punishment between child rapists and child molestors [sic] should be more significant, with molestors perhaps simply attending mandatory therapy for their first offense. I also think that the age of sexual consent should be lowered to 12 or 13.”

Jimmy Savile, Tragic Victim of the Matriarchy

Janet Bloomfield, a female MRA (yes, there are a few of them, and they’d really like you to donate to their Patreons and buy their books) argued that the real villain of the horrifying Jimmy Savile scandal isn’t the cryptkeeper-esque sexual predator or the colleagues who enabled his abuse, but the children he molested in the 1970s. On her blog on A Voice for Men, Bloomfield wrote:

“And now they are claiming the MEN abused THEM? Looks to me like it was the other way around.”

Jimmy Savile, men’s rights martyr (via)

“Her mother told me she was also 9”

Remember Tom Martin, the MRA who sued his school over wooden chairs? On Twitter, he admits he once tried to have sex with a nine year-old girl. When the article was written, the tweets appeared to be deleted, however they are now back and can be found here:

Healthy male sexuality!

Tom Martin admitting he would have sex with an 11 year-old if she were “developed for [her] age”

Martin claims he had no intention to have sex with “the female”, but the fact that he paid enough attention to her nine year-old breasts to determine a cup size suggests otherwise.

Martin also argues that child prostitutes should be treated as criminals, not victims:

At Least They’re Consistent

MRAs don’t only defend men who rape little girls. MRA Dean Esmay empathizes with the institutions that sexually abuse boys as well. What an egalitarian!

In Esmay’s opinion, America’s cruel, man-hating fempire has overlooked the real victims of the pedophile priest scandal: the Catholic Church.

Emphasizing the (very low) rate of false sexual assault accusations helps perpetuate the misconception that people routinely make up sexual abuse for money and attention. It makes it harder for sexual abuse victims to find people who believe them.

What About the Boys?

MRAs who want to lower the age of consent don’t ever seem to consider the negative effect it would have on boys. Lowering the age of consent to 12 would enable sexual predators to legally have sex with boys. It would make Jerry Sandusky‘s monstrous behavior legal.

But hey, I guess that’s why they’re called men’s rights activists, not boys’ rights activists.

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