MRAturday: Men’s Rights Activists Say The KKK Weren’t Villains

MRAturday: Men’s Rights Activists Say The KKK Weren’t Villains

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Whenever people discuss the problems that women face in today’s world, somebody always pipes up, “What about the men? Why isn’t anyone worried about men’s problems?”

Fortunately, there is a group fighting for the needs of men.

Unfortunately, that group is the men’s rights movement, and it’s completely bonkers.

In this series, Unicorn Booty will take a look at some of the bizarre, ridiculous, and occasionally horrifying battles fought by the men’s rights movement.

This week, we’re going to examine how men’s rights activists (MRAs) seek an alliance with the white supremacist movement.

Disclaimer: I will not distinguish between the different flavors of men’s rights activist (MRA): pick-up artists (PUAs), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOWs), Red Pillers, etc. Saying, “That guy’s not an MRA! He’s a PUA!” is the same as saying, “My shirt’s not pink! It’s salmon!” I don’t care which subspecies of douche each individual calls himself. Here is how I’m defining MRA: a terrible goober who claims that men are oppressed because women can choose their sexual partners. Just be grateful I didn’t use Marc Maron’s term: “unfuckable hate nerds”. 

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How MRAs Align Themselves with the White Supremacist Movement

Feminism has been criticized for failing to address the needs of LGBT women, women of color, women with disabilities or poor women.

But the men’s rights movement blows White Feminism way the hell out of the water. There’s a lot of overlap between the men’s rights movement and the white supremacist movement, to the point where a Venn diagram of the two is pretty much just a solid circle.

MRAs on the Holocaust: The Jews Had It Coming

MRA/GamerGater/Anton LeVay impersonator Davis Aurini is one of the men responsible for The Sarkeesian Effect, a doomed documentary meant to malign a feminist who made a series of YouTube videos examining the way video games portray women.

In addition to being an MRA, Aurini refers to himself as a “race realist” (a euphemism for white supremacist). He spews racial slurs and blames Jewish people for the Holocaust. In a vlog called “Ethno-Nationalism and the Metaphysics of Virtue” (recently taken down for violating YouTube’s policies against hate speech), he said:

The holocaust did not arise ex nihilo. There had been these manipulative, snake-melon Jews, who had been screwing over Europeans for centuries — it wasn’t a majority by any means, but there were enough of them — and Jewish enclaves protected these people, brought them in and profited from their evil, eventually leading to the Holocaust.

It shouldn’t be surprising to see an MRA spout anti-Semitic views. Hate groups of all stripes pretty much always target Jews. Anti-Semitism is to hate movements what bread sticks are to the Olive Garden: endless, free, and always there.

Interracial Relationships as “White Genocide”

MRAs will defend adult men who have sex with children, but they won’t defend black men who date consenting adult white women. MRAs really don’t like interracial relationships (unless it’s white guys creeping on Asian schoolgirls). In fact, many MRAs claim that interracial relationships are a form of “white genocide”, a melodramatic expression for any little thing that threatens white supremacy, like rap music or burritos.

MRA James C. Weidmann, who writes under the name Heartiste, says that fathers must not allow their daughters to date black men (note: dindu is a racial slur popular among Reddit users):

My sentiment is that White fathers have a MORAL DUTY to keep their daughters off the coal. To abandon this task, or worse to welcome the reproductive dispossession, is tantamount to betraying one’s own identity. … If as a father you’ve given it all you’ve got, and you still lose your daughter to dinduville, then the option to disown is available.

MRA/Sad Puppy Theodore Beale (who writes under the name Vox Day) urged men to save their daughters from interracial relationships by keeping them away from basketball:

If you don’t want your daughter to mudshark, then don’t encourage her to get involved in activities and sports that are dominated by black culture, particularly in her sexually formative years. Get her involved in gymnastics or tennis or skiing or swimming.

This object will destroy the white race. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Maybe these guys wouldn’t have to worry about “losing” white women to black men if they’d just take a bath every now and then.

“The KKK Weren’t Villains”

After the horrific San Bernardino shooting, MRA/sex tourist/boiled egg impersonator Matt Forney called for “black control” and “Muslim control” as an alternative to gun control. He also defended the KKK:

He’s not the only one. MRA Jack Barnes chimed in to defend the KKK’s honor as well:

read from bottom to top

For the record, the KKK was a terrorist organization on par with Al Qaeda. They murdered innocent people. They burned homes. They planted bombs. Indiana KKK Grand Wizard DC Stephenson kidnapped, raped and partially ate a woman. The KKK are the absolute definition of ‘mustache-twirling villains’: they call themselves dragons and they eat people.

But we shouldn’t expect anything else from Matt Forney. He’s so regressive that he’s even bigoted against the Irish:

That’s amazing. That’s next-level racism. That’s 19th century racism. Who else is Forney bigoted against? The Welsh? Left-handed people? Gingers?

What’s Sadder Than White Supremacists? Wannabe White Supremacists

Not all MRAs are white supremacists, of course. Some of them are disqualified for having too much melanin.

Remember Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh, the guy who complained that toilet paper is a tool of feminist oppression? He tried to join the white supremacist movement. Sadly for him (but hilariously for us), he was rejected. Why? He wasn’t white enough. Poor guy. 🙁

The Men’s Rights Movement: Whites Only

What’s most bewildering about all this is the fact that men of color actually do face discrimination for being men. Look at how the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk policy overwhelmingly targeted black and Latino men, or how America’s disastrous War on Drugs is inextricably tied to bigotry against men of color.

But when they find men genuinely being oppressed, men’s rights activists join the side of the oppressors.

It turns out you can’t spell “I’m racist” without the letters M-R-A.

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