Mrs. Smith Is a Heavy Metal Goddess Who Shreds on Guitar and Wants to Find Her Lost Cat (Video)

Mrs. Smith Is a Heavy Metal Goddess Who Shreds on Guitar and Wants to Find Her Lost Cat (Video)

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When you think of metal music, you probably think of sweaty dudes in leather. But Mrs. Smith, dressed in her suit with pearls, earrings and full makeup, shredding on her Ibanez guitar is the true face of metal.

Mrs. Smith took a strange road to metal stardom. She started out making videos where people wrote to her for cat advice. (Unfortunately, her beloved cat Carlyle has been missing for ages — so if you see Carlyle, please let her know.)

Mrs. Smith’s first success was with Mrs. Smith’s Broadway Cat-tacular! an off-Broadway show that tells her story. Mrs. Smith and Carlyle used to be a double-act — but when Carlyle ran away, Mrs. Smith had to figure out how to make it as a solo artist.

Though the Cat-tacular got great reviews, it wasn’t until she happened to enter a guitar contest when the world discovered her. The tipping point came when guitar virtuoso Steve Vai started sharing her videos. There were even rumors that Mrs. Smith is Steve Vai, due to the fact that like Vai, Smith also plays an Ibanez. However, this photo should put such rumors to rest:

Mrs. Smith with Steve Vai; like all photographs of mythical meetings, it’s a bit blurry.

How did Mrs. Smith become such an amazing guitarist? She told Dangerous Minds the sad story:

In the ‘90s, I was kidnapped and held for ransom by a Norwegian death metal band. I suffered Stockholm Syndrome. And if that seems like a lot of Scandinavia for one anecdote, WELCOME TO MY LIFE. … So there I was, FOSSILIZED in this upper crust, Upper East Side reality, and SMASH, through the door come these hooded figures dressed in black with those EYES! I thought that Beelzebub himself and his army had burst through the dimensional wall and had come to take me to literal Hell.  … But NO, this was just a very desperate group of boys. They were musicians, they were Norwegian, and they had hit upon this as the way they’d strike their fortune, this was the way to strike notoriety. … They dragged me to Norway and put me in this closet for three months. … And what was in that closet? A discarded guitar.

And boy can she play. One of our favorites is her most recent music video, “Midnight in the Garden of the Miku Pedal.” In the video, which has a definite Tim & Eric aesthetic, she plays through a bizarre guitar pedal that makes the notes sound as if they’re being sung by the software-based Japanese idol singer Hatsune Miku. If you’re not sure what any of that means, well, just watch the video:

The bizarrely catchy combination of robotic “vocals” with a more traditional guitar line is reminiscent of the best avant-metal has to offer. If you’re a fan of bands like Mr. Bungle or Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, you’ll definitely want to check out Mrs. Smith’s work.

We’re happy to announce that Mrs. Smith is getting the fame she deserves. She even appeared in a Gucci commercial!

We don’t know what’s next for Mrs. Smith — hopefully an album, or better still, a concert film. And even though she’s proven that she’s the true star, not Carlyle, we hope she finds her long-lost kitty.

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