Here Is A Naked Pic Of Ricky Martin’s Fiancé, Jwan Yosef

Here Is A Naked Pic Of Ricky Martin’s Fiancé, Jwan Yosef

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Today, openly gay Latin pop-star Ricky Martin told comedic lesbian Ellen DeGeneres that he’s marrying his studly boyfriend Jwan Yosef.

Though we pride ourselves on providing thoughtful, intelligent coverage of pop-culture and politics, we’re not above salivating over celebs and their partners, so let’s take a second to do that with Yosef. He’s a Kurdish-Swedish artist who specializes in blurry, streaked portraits. He’s traditionally handsome and has apparently taken some nude pics, much to our delight.

You can check out a link to his NSFW pic at the bottom of this post, but first let’s whet our appetites with some sexy pics from his Instagram account (including one where he looks like a unicorn, because c’mon).


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