Naked Police Officer Gets Wasted in Public Wearing Only a “Make America Great Again” Cap

Naked Police Officer Gets Wasted in Public Wearing Only a “Make America Great Again” Cap

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When Donald Trump campaigned for president on the vague and menacing promise to “Make America Great Again,” few people knew what the hell that meant exactly. Would Trump and his supporters try to take America back to its 1950s heyday of discriminating against queers, women and people of color? Well yes, of course they would. But back in July 2016, a Trump-supporting police officer in Oklahoma had another idea of how to “Make America Great Again”, and it involved getting wasted and walking around naked in public wearing only a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Edmond police officer Colter Morey was placed on administrative leave on a misdemeanor charge of “outraging public decency” after being accused of drunken public nudity on July 23, 2016. reports:

Witnesses said Morey was wearing only a “Make America Great Again” hat and caused problems on someone’s boat. Other witnesses told investigators that Morey made it well known that he was a police officer.

Morley denied the charges, but his department began an internal affairs investigation nonetheless — tax dollars at work! Considering Trump’s public support of police officers, we’re pretty sure he appreciated Officer Morley’s support — a community police officer offering free campaign advertising in public? You can’t buy support like that.

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