Naked Public Statue of Hillary Clinton Destroyed in Under 3 Hours

Naked Public Statue of Hillary Clinton Destroyed in Under 3 Hours

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When we told you about the naked Donald Trump statues installed around the U.S., some commenters said, “If they did this to Hillary Clinton, there’d be an uproar” — they were right, because someone did install a naked Clinton statue in a New York City subway station and it was destroyed within three hours (you can watch video of it at the link).

A 27-year-old artist named Anthony Scioli reportedly erected the statue at 6 a.m. — it depicted Clinton as a large-breasted flasher in a g-string having one of her breasts suckled by a Wall Street banker emerging under her coat. At 8:30 a.m. a woman named Nancy knocked down the statue and sat on it to prevent Scioli from standing it back up.

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“This is obscene!”she shouted, later adding, “To put something up like this in front of my work place… I shouldn’t have to see this.” Another woman came by to stomp the statue’s face while other folks shot video and argued whether the statue should be displayed or removed.

Officers with the city’s counter-terrorism unit came by and said that the statue should be removed because it wasn’t properly permitted. No one was arrested or fined — democracy in action!


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