Image of Naked Putin and Pregnant Trump Projected Onto a New York Building

Image of Naked Putin and Pregnant Trump Projected Onto a New York Building

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An unidentified artist projected an image of a naked, pregnant Donald Trump in a tender embrace with Russian President Vladimir Putin onto a building in New York City. It appeared across from Chelsea Market on the corner of 9th and 15th street, according to NY1 reporter Jeanine Ramirez.

The picture depicts Trump with a massive baby bump, beaming as Putin adoringly spoons him from behind. The words #Love Through Hate appear in the upper-left corner.


The image is likely a commentary on Trump’s worryingly cozy relationship with the Russian government. The caption “love through hate” is probably a dig on Trump and Putin’s fondness for bigotry as a political strategy. Trump’s government pushes Islamophobia, while Russia’s government is extremely anti-LGBTQ.

Trump and Putin are gay for each other” is a pretty common theme in protest art criticizing America’s new president. Digs on Trump’s dumpy physique are also pretty common. This is the first time we’ve seen Trump used in male pregnancy fetish art, though.

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