These 6 British Rugby Teams Stripped Completely Naked for a Good Cause (NSFW)

These 6 British Rugby Teams Stripped Completely Naked for a Good Cause (NSFW)

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Is there anything sexier than naked rugby players? Yes — when they do it for a good cause. That’s just what happened when six rugby teams from around the UK decided to ditch their kits in order to raise awareness for inclusive rugby and testicular cancer.

The teams joined forces with Balls To Cancer, a registered charity “aiming to fight cancer with fun.” They’re raising funds for male cancer awareness and education. 200,000 men are diagnosed with cancer in the UK every year, killing 10 men an hour.

The photos showcase the naked rugby players in all types of positions, from shower time to a team huddle. A total of 52 men from all different backgrounds, shapes and sizes participated, hailing from six teams: Kings Cross Steelers, Swansea Vikings, Northampton Outlaws, Newcastle Ravens, Edinburgh Thebans and the Manchester Village Spartans.

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Photographer Monty McKinnen said: “Turning up to each club was a challenge as we didn’t know who the players would be, or how comfortable they’d be when we asked them to strip and get up close to pose with each other.”

“It turned out in the end they didn’t need much encouragement to derobe. In fact at one club we turned around to find them all stood there naked on the pitch before I’d even got the camera out!”

“I have so much admiration for these guys who bared all for charity. 200,000 men are diagnosed with cancer every year. 80,000 of those will die from their cancer. It’s time we got to grips and get a hand on the situation. I hope this calendar empowers guys to check their packages more often and to feel comfortable talking about male cancers.”

Check out these six sexy pics of naked rugby players:

Now, check your nads and head here to order your copy.

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