Neato Burrito! 21 Great Pieces Of Steven Universe Fan Art

Neato Burrito! 21 Great Pieces Of Steven Universe Fan Art

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It’s Steven Universe Week at Unicorn Booty, so all week long we’ll be exploring the artists, fans and creative aspects that make it the most progressive cartoon in history!

Steven Universe (SU) fans not only create excellent cosplay and slash fan-fiction, they also make really wonderful art. In fact, they’re so dedicated to the show’s portrayal of diverse races, genders and bodies that they’ve even been known to harass artists who depict SU characters as skinnier or lighter-skinned than the show does.

That aside, we looked for the best fanart of Steven and the Crystal Gems (his superheroic alien family) and assembled a collection below — it shows a range of immense talent, the friendships the characters share and the depth of imagination the show has inspired in its creative fans.

It’s even more heartening to remember that SU was created by Rebecca Sugar during her time drawing storyboards for Adventure Time — another progressive cartoon featuring heroic women, active old people and compassionate villains. If progressive cartoons compel artists to generate even more forward-thinking works, the next generation of cartooning may be far more more inclusive than Sugar and her cohorts ever imagined.

(image via Nijuuni)

(image via Evanatt (colors) and AgentDrago (lineart))

(image via EmilyStepp)

(image via bunnimation)

(image via bleedman)

(image via ridd-li)

(image via e-hima)

(image via hyamei)

(image via Orangetavi)

(image via SkittyStrawberries)

(image via kevinbolk)

(image via WalkingMelonsAAA)

(image via yufei)

(image via cyarin)

(image via dou-hong)

(image via Jenksss)

(image via oNichaN-xD)

(image via Zazenko)

(image via William Fenholt)

(image via StevenQuartzUniverse)

(image via KiraiRei)

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