Neil Patrick Hairless – Disco Collared Gay Dog

Neil Patrick Hairless – Disco Collared Gay Dog

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Admittedly, we haven’t tuned into The Simpsons regularly since we were teenagers, but the Monday morning quarterbacking about last Sunday’s episode had us regretting the error of our ways.

The Simpsons has gone gay before. “Hot stuff, coming throuuuugh”, anyone? Heck, Smithers can barely keep his Burns-on in his pants most episodes. But it took over a decade for the show’s writing team to look up and notice the pink lightbulb floating above their heads, and finally turn Moe’s into a gay bar. Let’s get soaking wet!

The clip below is actually pretty adorable. When Marge suggests that Moe’s gay clientele might believe that he’s also a friend of Judy, he goes on the defensive. Why would anyone think a single man in his 40’s with a teacup chihuahua named Neil Patrick Hairless was gay? It must be the disco collar. Isn’t it always?

I don’t know about you, but I would totally party at Moe’s.

What did you think of the episode?

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