The New-to-Netflix ‘Neon Bull’ Offers Great Acting … and Loads of Male Frontal Nudity

The New-to-Netflix ‘Neon Bull’ Offers Great Acting … and Loads of Male Frontal Nudity

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Neon Bull is a dramatic Brazilian film from 2015 that mostly got shown in film festivals and arthouse theaters because it’s in Portuguese. It just came out on Netflix, but since it wasn’t widely seen on initial release, very few people realize just how much male frontal nudity it contains — particularly that of its hunky lead actor Juliano Cazarré. But worry not! We’re here to help…. because we love foreign film. Yes, that’s it.

In Neon Bull, Cazarré plays Iremar, a bull handler and aspiring fashion designer who is part of a traveling work group that transports animals from rodeo to rodeo. As such, Iremar lives a nomadic ranch hand life, sleeping in hammocks, peeing outdoors and bathing with scores of other naked male handlers.

It’s here that we begin to see Cazarré nude. And, as he makes sexy outfits for his “exotic dancer” lady friend, schemes to steal horse semen and eventually seduces a woman in his sewing workshop, we see him bristling with a male sexuality that is raw, vulnerable and unique. It only makes him more desirable.

Even though we’re lusting after Cazarré, we should mention that Neon Bull is actually a very good film. It won a handful of awards including ones for direction, photography and several special jury prizes.

Here’s the trailer for Neon Bull:

The trailer above shows some the cinematography and acting that made Neon Bull such a sleeper hit.

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If you find Cazarré as sexy as we do, you can check out his full frontal nude scenes here (link NSFW) or see second-by-second still frames of his showering and sex scenes here (link NSFW).

Geez…. if he acts as well as he looks, we’ll re-watch Neon Bull over and over again.

Neon Bull is currently streaming on Netflix.

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