‘Netflix and Chill’ With These Official Marijuana Strains From the Streaming Giant

‘Netflix and Chill’ With These Official Marijuana Strains From the Streaming Giant

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For a certain segment of the population, there’s nothing better than getting high and watching Netflix. And with marijuana being increasingly legally available, it was only a matter of time before Netflix diversified their product base.

Stoners in Los Angeles should make their way to the Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary in West Hollywood this weekend. Starting today, through August 27, Netflix has a pop-up store selling their special strains.

Each of the strains are based on different Netflix originals. The new Netflix sitcom from Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre, Disjointed, gets the most strains — three. That only makes sense, though; the series stars Kathy Bates as the owner of a pot shop. Other series just get one strain each, but we love the mix. The strains are:

Each of the jars have custom art relating to the show — as well as a blurb about what the strains are good for. For example, Moon 13 will help you “keep your sanity, no robot friends required.”

Sadly, this is just a one-shot deal. Due to federal laws, they can’t take mail orders, so you have to physically be in Los Angeles to pick these up. But if nothing else, this gives us another reason to fight for nationwide marijuana legalization: Who doesn’t want to try a strain like Sassafrass OG, which claims to have “the power of one thousand pug snorts”?


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