Cazwell Wants to ‘Make America Femme Again’ With Sexy New Single

Cazwell Wants to ‘Make America Femme Again’ With Sexy New Single

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“I moved to Los Angeles a year ago, and I wanted to make a song that people could drop their convertible tops down to and head bang along with,” says Cazwell of his brand new track, “Loose Wrists.” The queer rapper, formerly based in New York, is especially proud to present this new Cazwell song, as it’s the first single off his new music label Snow Cone.

The song itself is one of the artist’s best yet — reminiscent of old-school hip-hop with a great bass line, along with Cazwell’s trademark sleazy-but-witty lyrics. And the video for “Loose Wrists” is top-notch as well, with the rapper looking particularly foine. (Those gorgeous baby blues!)

But even before release of the single, one aspect of the video had already nearly broken the internet. When Cazwell posted an Instagram shot from the set of the video — in which he and four backup dancers are wearing head-to-toe pastel lace getups — social media went wild. While many loved the look, others despised it. And still others took the opportunity to offer homophobic responses, playing gatekeeper as to what men “should” wear. (To that, we say STFU.)

“I was surprised by the reaction because the outfits are way more conservative than the shirtless guys in Speedos and jockstraps I typically have in my videos,” Cazwell says.

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But the feminized lace outfits are all part of a larger objective in the rapper’s new video. Just check out the new Cazwell track’s chorus:

Loose wrists / Pink Tims / Gold Teeth / Low brims / Heavy chain / Thick skin / Foreskin / Five men / All slay / All femme / Pretty boy / Eminem / Candy-coated M&Ms / We about to make America femme again

Speaking to the song’s inspiration, Cazwell says, “I noticed a Femme Pride movement brewing a few years back, but it has not been so visible until now. It’s about time we all embrace femme. Whether we are gay or straight, when men get in touch with their feminine sides, it gives a real sense of empowerment.”

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And let’s be honest: ‘Gaying it up’ is more important now than ever. “We have a president that wants to take us off of the census and a vice president that believes shock therapy will cure gayness. At the end of last year, I vowed to be as gay as possible with my music and videos. We have to be more visible than ever, and I hope I inspire that.”

Celebrating PRIDE in WEHO tonight at @bar10 ????? have some drinks with me ???

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So despite what you may think about those lace shorts and button-down, Cazwell is gonna be rocking ’em. “Hell yeah, I’m going to wear them all summer! You’ll probably find me at the corner deli at 4 in the morning wearing a pair with a matching speedo underneath.“

Check out the new Cazwell single “Loose Wrists” below: