The New ‘CHiPs’ Trailer is Super Scared of Dicks (Video)

The New ‘CHiPs’ Trailer is Super Scared of Dicks (Video)

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About midway through the trailer for CHiPs, a new movie based on the popular 1970s cop show, a character says, “If you’re homophobic or whatever, that’s cool.”

“No, no, no, no, no! You think I’m homophobic?” his partner replies.

We can’t help but wonder if he is, maybe just a little, because about half of this movie trailer centers on utter horror over the existence of male genitalia.

Michael Peña’s character squirms in terror when, in a locker room, he discovers that his partner’s penis exists, and that another guy’s penis also exists, and that the two guys’ penises continue to exist while they hug.

Later, Peña freaks out about carrying Dax Shepard, certified penis-haver across a room, possibly for fear of looking gay despite the fact that there’s nobody else in the room to see them. But the film’s need for gay panic hijinks wins out, so Peña carries Shephard (which is hilarious because they look gay) and ends up faceplanting into his junk (which is also hilarious because it also looks gay).

In another scene, Peña finds himself unable to do his job due to his own terminal case of penis ownership. Guys, penises are incredibly dangerous. We should just get rid of them.

Severed heads are totally fine, though. Peña is pretty chill about decapitation.

Do you think the trailer is homophobic, or is it just typical bro comedy? Sound off in the comments.