Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Got a Statue That Captures the Famed Soccer Player’s Sexiness

Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Got a Statue That Captures the Famed Soccer Player’s Sexiness

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In March 2017, the Portuguese home region of sexy soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled an astoundingly ugly statue that was supposed to look like him but looked more like the Toxic Avenger or Eric Trump. An Argentinian man living in Madrid, Spain, bought that horrid statue for some reason, but the Real Madrid soccer team that Ronaldo plays for commissioned a new Cristiano Ronaldo statue and, unlike its predecessor, this one actually captures his hotness.


The new Cristiano Ronaldo statue is as sexy as he is.

The new statue, created by artist José Antonio Navarro Arteaga, depicts Ronaldo with a closed mouth, angular features and a confident expression — as opposed to the first statue’s goofy grin, melon-shaped head and super-muscular horse neck.

The new (and vastly improved) Cristiano Ronaldo statue

Weirdly, Ronaldo has had bad luck with statues. Another statue of him, unveiled in his home region of Madeira, was more flattering than the Toxic Avenger bust, but only because the life-sized, full-body statue showed him with a prominent (and somewhat distracting) bulge.

Speaking about the new Cristiano Ronaldo statue, sculptor Arteaga said, “What I wanted to reflect was his interior strength, when he was preparing to take a free kick or a corner.”

Meanwhile, the sculptor of the first statue explained his abominable creation and its weird expression by saying it was an attempt to capture Ronaldo just before a laugh. Regarding its international mockery, he said, “It is impossible to please the Greeks and Trojans. Neither did Jesus please everyone. … What matters is the impact that this work generated.”

The real-life Ronaldo has dealt with intense homophobia at soccer games from fans and other players.

“Ronaldo is the continuous object of insults and malicious rumors in the tabloids, but also from sports reporters, players and fans of rival teams,” said LGBT activist Francisco Ramirez, “with the goal of humiliating, offending and denigrating a great player.”

Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, gave birth to their second daughter this month.

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