New Music From Lopez: J.LOusy

New Music From Lopez: J.LOusy

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I have a good pal who lives and breathes all things Jennifer Lopez (Hey Doc!). He must be coughing and wheezing up a storm today, because La Diva Latina has gone and recorded a cover of the 80’s Night fixture, Venus. Why, J.Lo? Why???

To hawk razors, of course. Jennifer is no stranger to her career moves being dissected by the judging public eye. She’s had on and off again relationships with managers and handlers for years. But I just do not understand who is at the helm of this woman’s career these days? It’s like she doesn’t want us to like her.

She went from being J.Lo, the biggest and brightest star in the entire world for a hot minute (or two years), and followed that success up with…what? A series of courtships, divorces, awful rap collaborations, and being Marc Anthony’s unfortunate arm candy? Her last album wasn’t even released due to lack of interest in the two singles she put out to promote it.

And the worst part is that it isn’t like Ja Rule is too busy these days to get in the studio with her. Where did he go? We adored you together. You annoy us apart. Get on it!

We were beginning to feel a bit hopeful for her when news of her replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol came out. But now this? Oy. Take a listen to Lopez’ latest and tell us if you think our girl from the block has a hit on her hand here or is still even capable of producing relevant music.

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