New Sex Toy Lays An Egg In The Hole Of Your Choosing NSFW

New Sex Toy Lays An Egg In The Hole Of Your Choosing

Written by Terri Washington on August 22, 2016
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The things people choose to do for sexual pleasure never ceases to amaze. The newest sex toy craze is called the Ovispositor. The Ovispositor is essentially a big dildo that lays an egg molded from gelatin in your orifice of choice.

The dildo looks like an appendage we could see on E.T. — and we’re not talking about his glowing finger — and they are made by Primal Hardwere. Primal Hardwere is known for its oddly shaped sex toys including dildos shaped like a horse penis, a fox penis and a cactus. Vice interviewed the owner of the company, Lone Wolf,  who said the idea of the device is to feel like you’re “being impregnated with eggs” by an alien or an insect because, obviously, Wolf is attempting to make your nightmares a reality.

The toys are phallic-shaped hollow tubes with a funnel hole in the bottom. With just a nice squeeze, the egg shoots from the device inside of you for an odd, all day pleasure. Apparently people find this very arousing and Wolf says that when he posted a video of the device, the demand was high and people were contacting him to have one of their very own.

There’s probably a safety concern in putting any foreign object into your body, especially a foreign object made to splosh in and out of your body but the owner says he’s used the product numerous times without a problem. Safety is in moderation, so try not to lay a bunch of eggs inside your body.

(featured image via Primal Hardwere)

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