New Sexy Gay Bar Video Gives Horrible Dieting, Exercise Advice

New Sexy Gay Bar Video Gives Horrible Dieting, Exercise Advice

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Room Service — a Thursday night party at a Soho London gay bar called The Takeover — recently posted a stylish and sexy ’80s-style video full of hot guys eating junk food and exercising, which is really bad for you; just ask any health expert.

The guys are incredibly fit, but the high sugar and fat content of fast food will surely hurt their metabolisms and cardiovascular systems as they clog their arteries with fat and create energy crashes after providing quick boosts of energy — if they do this every day, it could lead to high blood pressure and depression.

Also, working out immediately after eating is a bad idea too: we don’t care if a drag queen demands it. You should wait an hour so that all food properly digests or else you may get cramps or an upset stomach — no wonder these guys are all sweaty after doing just a few sit-ups and bicep curls; their bodies are working against the processed junk food sitting in their bellies. They also need to work on their form; one guy nearly injures his testicles while doing a bicep curl — sad.

So while we can’t abide by all the horrible lifestyle choices in the video above (the men also seem to have trouble actually ingesting their meals), we can abide by Room Service’s Instagram page which posts the occasional hot AF pictures like the one below:

This week @samgstar is hosting #RoomServiceLondon – he’s definitely the full package! ???

A photo posted by Room Service (@roomserviceclub) on

They also provide another questionable workout in their 2014 video below (it even features arty porn star Francois Sagat). You may get turned on, but just don’t try this at home:

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