New Shot Reveals Most of Italian Math Hunk Pietro Boselli’s Peen

New Shot Reveals Most of Italian Math Hunk Pietro Boselli’s Peen

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Pietro Boselli, the Italian math professor-slash-underwear model who wowed the web with his chiseled physique, caused more worldwide thirst last week when he posted a revealing photo of his penismself in very revealing compression leggings standing next to his brother.

Thirst-sufferers everywhere used zoom to try and make out as much of they could of Boselli’s wang, but thanks to a newly released photo, you can now see Boselli’s pendulous dong hanging freely without any concealing fabric (save a few cock-blocking orchids). Here’s the pic — squint your eyes and see what lies behind those blossoms:

It’s probably the closest we’ll ever come to seeing a nude shot, so enjoy it for what it’s worth — or you can take an even closer look.

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