New York Can Cram Its New “Pride” Police SUV Up Its Manhole

New York Can Cram Its New “Pride” Police SUV Up Its Manhole

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Today, The New York Post reported that the city’s police department is (shudder) “supporting gay pride with a new rainbow colored patrol vehicle.”

Fuck. That.

Stonewall was a goddamned riot against police for fuck’s sakes, police who still (by the way) arrest transwomen as sex workers for the crime of carrying condoms; who still stop-and-frisk thousands of innocent queers and people of color for the crime of walking; who still arrest poor LGBT youth for the crime of living on the streets; who still incarcerate gay, bisexual and trans individuals in tax-funded rape cages to be harmed at far greater numbers than the general prison population.

Yeah, police helped kill the Orlando shooter and help protect our Pride parades, but when cops in every major city are still harassing and imprisoning queer people just for existing every, single, day, I don’t wanna see their fucking rainbow colored cop car pandering to our community like we’re all buddy-buddy.

I honestly don’t want them in our parades at all. I want them doing their jobs, changing their fucking department culture and actually protecting us instead of just brutalizing innocent people and then running a PR campaign patting themselves on the back just because they hire queers and don’t raid our bars as often as they used to.

I wonder how many queers they’ll have handcuffed in the back of that new shiny wank wagon once it hits the streets. Hell.

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