5 Queer New York City Parties You Can’t Miss Right Now Culture

5 Queer New York City Parties You Can’t Miss Right Now

Written by Alexander Kacala on August 16, 2018
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There’s constantly something new happening on the nightlife calendar of New York City. The best queer parties are the ones that pop-up here and there, thrown by leaders of the underground who specialize in how to have a good time.

We’ve rounded-up five of our current nightlife obsessions, from diva turn-ups in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to parties that double as spiritual experiences — they’ll make you wanna get on your knees and say a prayer in Chelsea.

5. Holy Trinity at Baby’s All Right

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Sometimes you just want to hear the divas on the dance floor — and when that’s your itch, who else do you really need other than Bey, RiRi and Nicki? The Holy Trinity dance floor is a mixed crowd of gays, straights, queers, punks, fems and masc guys. The scene is very ‘come as you are, leave your ignorance at the door.’ With new Nicki Minaj tracks dropping every week, this party will continue to pack in revelers through the sweaty dog days of summer.

4. Straight Acting at Metropolitan

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After Brooklyn’s TNT closed, many were nervous about where Rify Royalty’s popular rager Straight Acting would land. Thank goodness they made room for him and his crew at Metropolitan. One Thursday per month, this is the party where boys walk around in fishnets and pleasers. You won’t be able to tell where the dancing begins and the performances end.

3. Wet Noise at The Mockingbird

queer partiesWet Noise is a monthly dance party in the East Village serving seriously filthy funk tracks to New Yorkers who can’t stand still. The last one was “off the damn chain.” Matthew Placek told the boys over at Gayletter he’s attempting to “make a place for people to release hard and all night.” He wanted to “create a party that offered up filthy dirty funk music on vinyl and urged everyone to put their damn phones away, don’t take pictures, check your chatter boxes at the door.” Maybe you’ve heard of the DJs: Beats are supplied by Ana Matronic from Scissor Sisters and Amber Martin.

2. Daniel Nardicio’s Underwear Party at Ice Palace


Daniel Nardicio’s über-popular, weekly Underwear Party may not be on the island of Manhattan, but it takes place on the island where all those city boys head in the summer. Nardicio packs Cherry Grove’s Ice Palace every Friday night with sexy trade who make the pilgrimage from The Pines. These boys typically go hard and, in the pitch black of night, get lost in the Meatrack on their way back to real life. Pace yourself, guys, the weekend is just beginning.

1. Battle Hymn at Flash Factory

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Lady Fag’s weekend-ending rager Battle Hymn is full of club kids in gag-worthy looks. It can be hard to make it out to Battle Hymn due to its Sunday evening timeslot, but believe us, it’s well worth a groggy Monday morning. Taking place at Chelsea’s Flash Factory, resident Honey Dijon and The Carry Nation serve up gospel that’ll have your raising your hands in jubilation. There are always celebrities spotted in the pews and catacombs of the VIP area. Amanda Lepore and Boomer Banks are regulars, but Carmen Carrera, Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, Andreja Pejić and Rose McGowan have been seen dancing in the darkness, too.

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