7 New York Fitness Studios for the Gay Man Looking to Strength Train

7 New York Fitness Studios for the Gay Man Looking to Strength Train

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There are quite a lot of New York fitness studios to choose from. Signing up for an expensive membership to one can seem like a big commitment, and let’s be honest, you don’t have the time or money to waste on a membership you’re gonna have to cancel two months later.

Thanks to the fitness program ClassPass, we’ve had the opportunity to check out some of the best New York fitness studios on offer.

Having a ClassPass membership lets you workout at hundreds of studios and gyms in the city. Once you’ve found a favorite, you can visit that studio a set number of times per month depending on what type of membership you’ve purchased. On the 10-class plan in New York City, you can visit the same studio three times each month.

So a ClassPass membership of your own, or just take our word about these seven New York fitness studios and sign-up at one of them. This list is curated for the gay man looking to build muscle and focus on strength training.

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We’ve also listed our favorite trainers at each one, so you know which names to be on the look out for when you book.

Check out our list of 7 fierce New York fitness studios:



This studio has two locations, one in the heart of Chelsea (full of gays) and another by Grand Central Station. They have a selection of programs including CrossFit: The Academy, an educational on-ramping series; B|X, a high-intensity circuit-style workout; or B|Fit, their strength and conditioning program. They’re also really into community and host a slew of social events for their members.

Trainers We Love: Marco Paùl, Dell Polanco, Melody Sanchez

2. Switch Playground USA

How do you describe the ultimate fitness power unlike no other in just two words? SWITCH Playground. ? @cberms

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You’ll think you’re at one of Brian Rafferty’s Trade parties when this class begins. After a soothing warm-up of yoga, fog machines turn on, loud EDM music plays and blacklight fills this playground-inspired studio. The Switch Workout is a full-body circuit broken up into 20 stations of two-minute intervals each. You can bring a buddy or they will pair you up with someone new for this crazy fitness disco party that is clubby yet seriously challenging.

Trainers We Love: Seth Maynard, but each class comes with about seven trainers to help.

3. The Fhitting Room

Making waves in today’s class with @babalos ? @laceelazoff ? @benwebejammin ?#battleropes #liveFHIT

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The Fhitting Room has a few locations scattered throughout Manhattan, including one in the Upper West Side and another in Flatiron. The gym’s Signature FHIX (Functional High Intensity Mix) integrates five essential building blocks to deliver optimal results: functional movements, strength training, high-intensity intervals, total-body focus and highly varied exercises.

Trainers We Love: Jason Tran, Eric Salvador, Melody Scharff, Mark Ribeiro

4. Liftonic

Lunch crew crushing Tuesdays like…?️‍♀️?? #liftsquad

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This class is great for someone who is really looking to bulk up and who isn’t looking for much cardio. Most other strength training classes listed here are full of cardio to burn the calories you might need to hold onto for muscle growth. That doesn’t mean your heart rate wont stay up in this class, but think more isolated movements, fewer reps and more weight. It’s also great if you hate people-watching you while you pump, cause the lighting is kept low … bath house low.

Trainers We Love: Courtney Paul, Veronika Cohen

5. The Training Lab

"What do you mean NO?!" ? • ?: @wodpixnyc

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Training Lab classes will really kick your ass, especially after a weekend of late-night partying and early-morning, carb-heavy brunching. This is where “you stop exercising and start training.” Their classes are a 55-minute heart-pumping session that maxes out at 12 clients, so you get some individual attention. The workout blends a combination of calisthenics, TRX, kettle bells, rowers, running and old-fashioned hard work.

Trainers We Love: Ruben Belliard, Colter Mancini

6. Barry’s Bootcamp

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Barry’s Bootcamp is probably the best known studio in the roster of ClassPass clubs for New York City. Their coaches are also probably some of the best to gawk at, too. Each day of the week focuses on a different muscle group, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday reserved to workout your full body. If you’re really looking to bulk up, take advantage of the “Double Floor” option. This means you won’t step on a treadmill and you’ll double up on the strength portion of the workout. It’s a great option for those who are less focused on cardio and more focused on building muscle.

Trainers We Love: Matthew Griffin, Sean Alexander, Keoni Hudoba, Lindsey Clayton, Matty Maggiacomo

7. Solace

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Solace is a bougie CrossFit gym that offers different classes to its members focusing on things like mobility, gymnastics, yoga and Olympic weighting. The “Body” class is probably the most straight forward, based on the core principles of CrossFit, HII and traditional strength and conditioning programs.

This gym also scales its own classes with different pricing depending upon whether the time is peak or off-peak. So if your schedule is flexible and you’re on a budget, it’s possible to get the same great workout at a cheaper rate.

Trainers We Love: Kenny Santucci, Andrew Mariani

Are there any New York fitness studios we missed?