727 Priests, Ministers & Rabbis For NY Gay Marriage

727 Priests, Ministers & Rabbis For NY Gay Marriage

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And on the seventh day, God created gay blogs for his homos with too much time on their hands. Amen! Hallelujah! Testify!

A plethora of religious officials are throwing their hats into the fight toward full marriage equality for all Americans, or at the very least in this case, for all New Yorkers.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has made advancing a same-sex marriage bill his highest profile work this year, and hopes to have a pass a measure that would legalize marriages between same-sex couples in the state before the end of June of this year.

WNYC reports:

Seven hundred and twenty seven priests, ministers, and rabbis signed a letter backing the legalization of same-sex marriage, and many came to the Capitol to make the case to lawmakers. Robb Smith of Interfaith Impact of New York says it’s important to show Senators that there is no one religious view of gay marriage. And he says attitudes about gay marriage have changed.

“This is a real sea change in the way we see human relations,” Smith said. “And we absolutely have a religious obligation to respond to it.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has made gay marriage one of just three or four top priorities he is seeking in the remaining two months of the session, says he’s hopeful that a law could be approved this year.

“I’m optimistic that marriage equality will pass, I think it’s long overdue,” said Cuomo. “I know it’s failed before, but this is a different day.”

It’s fantastic that so many religious officials are able to separate their faith-based teachings from state-sponsored equal rights. Much like the Kentucky church that has stopped issuing marriage licenses until gays can also wed in the state, when religious leaders break with tradition and stand up for LGBT rights, it sends an immensely powerful message.

Each and every single one of those 727 signatures means the world to us. Thank you!

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