New York Men Can Pleasure Themselves In A Phone Booth Now

New York Men Can Pleasure Themselves In A Phone Booth Now

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In most cities you could get arrested for whipping out your wiener in a phone booth, but a new publicity stunt – err, brilliant initiative – by a British sex toy company gives New Yorkers a chance to relieve some stress during the workday without the risk of arrest!

Hopefully the guy in the van had some fun earning his parking ticket.

The GuyFi booth is New York City’s first outdoor masturbation booth for men (something the city has needed for over a century), and it’s the brainchild of so-called guybrator inventors Hot Octopuss and Manifest, a PR firm with offices in New York and London. Located in a retrofitted phone booth on the same block as the Museum of Sex, this semi-private booth is equipped with a chair, a laptop and a black curtain. Cleanup is your own responsibility, apparently, so maybe bring some Kleenex and some Clorox wipes just in case. And gloves.

We know first-hand how hard it is to focus on work sometimes, and we’re not alone. A survey by Glamour magazine shows that 31 percent of guys already jerk off at work, but sometimes your office bathroom isn’t the ideal situation for that sort of stress relief. But it’s also January, and New York temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark, so we’re not sure that Fifth Avenue is the best place to free willy either, but to each his own.

Hot Octopuss makes the Pulse II, a unique vibrating product that stimulates your junk without replicating sex. Unlike most other products, this one doesn’t attempt to replicate the female anatomy. Instead, it looks kind of like a duck’s head and provides a vibrating sensation to the frenulum, that bunch of skin just beneath the head of the penis. Science!!

Company founder Adam Lewis sees the booth as a chance for men to lighten their loads to make the workday more productive. “We hope the city’s men enjoy using the space we’ve created in whatever way they want,” he says. “It’s completely free of charge… all that we ask is they thank us when they get their promotion!”

Riiiiiiight. Actually, representatives from the company have acknowledged that public masturbation is still totally illegal, no matter where you do it, so be careful gents.

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