This Australian Guy Posed as a Doctor and Roamed Hospitals on the Hunt for a Boyfriend

This Australian Guy Posed as a Doctor and Roamed Hospitals on the Hunt for a Boyfriend

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Ah, the search for love. It makes people do crazy things! But hopefully it doesn’t make you as crazy as Nicholas Delaney, 25, an Australian man who pretended to be a doctor in order to find the love of his life. His fake doctor scam saw him wandering Queensland hospitals, leading staff members to think he was the real deal.

Between the months of May and December, Delaney reportedly made regular visits to multiple Brisbane hospitals, passing himself off as “Dr. Nick Delaney.” (Good doctor name, BTW. Sounds like something straight outta Grey’s Anatomy.)

While some might think his fake doctor scam was charming, the problem of course is that it’s … well, very illegal. Delaney tricked hospital staff members and was regularly accessing staff-only areas of these hospitals.

The scam was dunzo as soon as hospital staff noticed that this “doctor” had no clue how to pronounce basic medical terms. (Whoops.)

Delaney was arrested by Australian authorities earlier this month. They found him in possession of a stolen lanyard. He apparently confessed to police that the fake doctor scam was all a big ruse to find a lover, and he had been using his hospital access to impress the male staff. He had no interaction with patients (thank god), according to a hospital executive.

Naturally, Delaney’s fake doctor scam has worried Queensland hospitals enough to have them check on security protocols. “A review of security systems will be conducted at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital,” that same hospital exec said in a statement.

To be completely honest, we kinda feel bad for Delaney, who thought he needed to use this fake doctor scam to score a boyfriend. He’s only 25! He should be enjoying life as a single gay man! Here’s hoping he has learned from his mistakes and doesn’t try any insane crap like this ever again.

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