News Round-Up: Trans Student Denied Bathroom, Snowden Vs. Russian LGBT Policy & More

News Round-Up: Trans Student Denied Bathroom, Snowden Vs. Russian LGBT Policy & More

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– Guinness Beer released an inspiring ad of openly gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas talking about the support he received from teammates after coming out in 2009.

– A judge recently dismissed the case of a White lesbian woman from Uniontown, Ohio who was accidentally inseminated with a Black man’s sperm: “The 36-year-old and her partner say they love their biracial daughter, three-year-old daughter Payton, but fear that she would grow up feeling like an “outcast” in their predominantly White neighborhood.”

SUPREME COURT WATCH: A federal judge recently denied the right of 16-year-old transgender boy Gavin Grimm to use his Virginia high school boy’s bathroom. We’re thinking that cases like this will likely lead to a federal showdown at some point.

– While accepting the Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression’s Bjornson prize, surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden called Russia’s treatment of gays and internet crackdown “fundamentally wrong.” This is why he’s our secret boyfriend.

– And talking about fundamental wrongness, an aspiring presidential candidate in Ghana, George Boateng has pledged to kill all gays and lesbians by firing squad if elected.

– This Instagram of inked gay dudes is generic as all get out — filled mostly light-skinned, thin-to-muscular, bearded and shirtless hipsters — but it still might give you tingly feelings in your yes-yes area.

– Talking about Instagram, 30-second ads are coming soon to the photo-sharing app.

– Netflix has agreed to produce a third season of the Twilight Zone-esque social media horror series Black Mirror. If you’ve never seen it, spend a minute being mesmerized by this season-one trailer.

– And finally, this creepy little video below combines Disney characters with the character selection music from Super Mario Brothers 2; the teeny eyes and sagging costumes will creep you out — enjoy!

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