NH Not Attempting To Repeal Marriage Equality…This Year

NH Not Attempting To Repeal Marriage Equality…This Year

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Conservatives in New Hampshire have been squawking about repealing marriage equality in the state since before it was even introduced in 2009. It looks like they are cooling their jets…for now.

State Representative David Bates (R) acknowledges the repeal isn’t a top priority, but he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea about it not being at the top of his to-do list. “Leadership simply announced their top priorities. There was no suggestion they’re against this or we’re divided,” he said. Sigh…

Republicans in the state will instead focus on reducing government expenditures, education, pension reform, personal rights and social responsibility. But not the personal rights of New Hampshire’s LGBT citizens? Or the social responsibility to continue to provide them with the rights they have been granted by the state?

No? Not those? I see.

Others in the state obviously have a different opinion. New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition’s Mo Baxley, offers, “It seems foolhardy to pursue this when they know they can’t win. The governor has already publicly stated he will veto the bill, and I don’t believe they’ll be able to round up the votes to override a veto.”

Do you think same-sex marriage will be repealed in New Hampshire?

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