See Nick Jonas’ Gay Kiss in the Mixed Martial Arts Drama ‘Kingdom’

See Nick Jonas’ Gay Kiss in the Mixed Martial Arts Drama ‘Kingdom’

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Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Jonas brothers trio, has since turned into hun starring in DirecTV’s mixed martial arts drama Kingdom. In the show, Jonas plays Nate Kulina, a somewhat closeted fighter who shared a kiss with his love interest, Will, in the recent Season 3 premier.

Before we get into the hot GIFs of Jonas man-smooching, let’s get taste of Kingdom with its season 3 trailer:

In the Season 1 premier, Nate wins his first MMA fighting match, but then he gets seriously injured after getting mugged by two thugs afterwards. He’s required to undergo physical therapy to rehabilitate himself, and he begins sleeping with his female physical therapist, Tatiana, but he’s reluctant to let her get too close (because he’s gay). He later starts using human growth hormone to recover more quickly so he can resume fighting.

In Episode 7, Nate runs into an ex-boyfriend (or trick), but passes him off as “just a friend.” And in the Season 1 finale, when his brother and father’s protege both win important fights, he gloomily attends the celebratory party — closeted and drinking in the corner — and eventually leaves to get a blowjob in an alley from some random guy he meets at a club — nice. 

In Season 2, Nate spends a majority of the time still closeted, but his brother Jay slowly figures out that he’s gay through a little shady detective work and phone theft. His brother accepts him in the end saying that he always knew that Nate was gay seeing as Nate is gentle, smells delightful and dresses well. He also says that Nate better be a top, which is weird bit of misogyny, but true to life for macho thinking.

Here are some Season 2 scenes in which Jay discovers Nate’s homosexuality:


Which brings us to the Season 3 premier. At the start, Nate reconnects with Will, an old fling that he re-establishes in Season 2. Will gives Nate the key to his apartment and some comfort food along with a small kiss.

Of his character, Jonas has said, “I respect the struggle of the character and I know it’s one a lot of people already told me they relate to and have gone through a very similar journey. The struggle for acceptance, which I feel really passionately about.”

So now that you’re all caught up, here’s images of Nate smooching men. Enjoy!

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