Nick Jonas’ Opinion On Homosexuality Will Give You The Feels

Nick Jonas’ Opinion On Homosexuality Will Give You The Feels

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nick jonas, gay, kingdom, shirtless, sexy, hotNick Jonas is a hunky beefcake of a man with smoldering good looks, a beautiful singing voice and, now, a brand new reason to love him. Jonas shared the story of the first time he ever met a gay person at the age of eight. Jonas — while attending Outfest in Los Angeles — discussed the closeted gay character he plays on DirecTV’s MMA related drama, Kingdom. Jonas said he realized a member of the Jonas Brothers team was dating another man.

“One of my friends who was one of the guys in the show — his name was Mark — was leaving the theater one day and I saw him leave with his partner. I looked at my dad and said, ‘Oh that’s different,’ and he was like ‘It’s all love, it’s all the same,’ and it just connected with me immediately. I came from a religious background and my dad is actually a pastor. But he is an incredible man with an amazing open mind and heart.”

Jonas, and his brothers, grew up devout Evangelical Christians. During the Jonas Brothers’ teen years, they were often seen wearing purity rings signifying that they would save their virginity for marriage. The Evangelical sect of Christianity has seen a surge in support of gay marriage in recent years. According to the Public Religion Research Institute the support for gay marriage in the Evangelical faith jumped from 20 percent in 2013 to 42 percent in 2014.

Jonas’ father taught him what gay truly is: it all boils down to love. And Jonas speaking out about will only help educate his fans and make his gay and lesbian fans love him even more.

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