Nike, Diesel and Avon Released the Best LGBT Ads of 2017, According to Hornet’s Worldwide Staff

Nike, Diesel and Avon Released the Best LGBT Ads of 2017, According to Hornet’s Worldwide Staff

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Hornet teams around the world have watched a large selection of LGBT ads released this year. Most striking is how the presence of LGBT people in advertising is now more banal, at least in countries where most discrimination against LGBT people has been lifted.

Hornet has selected 10 particularly prominent LGBT ads for this year, coming from many countries: Brazil, France, Thailand, India and Australia, to name a few. These video ads present a wide panel of themes and are aimed at the general public and the LGBT audience as well. Some brands take a political stand, like Airbnb in favor of marriage in Australia, while others fight stereotypes or stigma against LGBT people, sometimes in a funny or moving way.

In this top 10, three LGBT ads stood out quite clearly and received the maximum of votes from the Hornet teams as the best LGBT ads of 2017. Those ads came from Nike, Diesel and Avon, and we discuss them below.


1. Nike’s latest campaign stars vogue dancing legend Leiomy Maldonado

The “Be True” Nike campaign has this ad featuring legendary Leiomy Maldonado, the “Wonder Woman” of voguing. This is the second time Nike has featured a trans athlete in one of its commercials.


2. Diesel gets political with its ‘Make Love not Walls’ ad campaign

The brand makes it clear that this advertisement is a direct critique on President Donald Trump’s willingness to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. But the variety of situations and couples depicted in this ad go well beyond this one issue, and David LaChapelle’s film work in it shows that love knows no barriers. We already knew that, but it’s always good to say it, again and again.


3. Avon cosmetics ad features transgender talent

The cosmetics brand proclaims: “ColorTrend has a new face to celebrate the new world we want to see.” In Brazil, Avon chose a trans woman to embody this new beauty product.


Discover the other top LGBT ads of the year:

4. Vicks Ad featuring a transgender mom goes viral in India

5. Renault ad features a lesbian couple

6. People are loving Coke’s gay-friendly ad

7. A gay worker tries very hard to prove himself

8. Airbnb joined the same-sex marriage debate in Australia with its new ad campaign

9. Urging people in queer relationships to #HoldTight during those awkward times

10. Cell phone company ad features two dads

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