Nina Bo’Nina Brown Blames Valentina Trolls for Mexico City Earthquake

Nina Bo’Nina Brown Blames Valentina Trolls for Mexico City Earthquake

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During a recent live video, Nina Bo’Nina Brown claimed the devastating Mexico City earthquake that claimed 320 lives (and counting) was retribution for the bullying she received after sending Valentina home on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Well, someone grabbed the video and posted it on YouTube, sharing Brown’s words with the world.

“Ya know, like, teaching people to be better people,” she said. “Girl, they are angry. The Mexicans are angry. I’m an idiot and y’all still had an earthquake. Doesn’t matter what you call me, you still had an earthquake. Anyway, there’s tragedies every day [laughs].”

In the video, Brown also called out a specific troll, pulling up his profile picture and mocking his appearance.

“Isn’t it funny when there is a beauty mark but no beauty?” she asks. “This is the face of a pathetic Mexican. … This is what I do to you people.”

The live video has now been taken down from YouTube for “hate speech,” but Brown responded with a video on her own channel, defending her comments and actions that many see as ignorant and problematic.

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“One day I was on a live video, and we were talking about all kinds of things, and I think it was the day that there was an earthquake in Mexico,” she says. “Somebody brought something up and I was like, ‘Do y’all think that things happen to people or places because of karma?’ And I said, ‘All of these people were so mean to me in Mexico when I sent Valentina home.’ And I said, ‘I wonder if things happen to people because of karma.’”

Brown also defended her comments in which she said she hoped the club where she was set to perform was demolished, not because she wanted anyone to be hurt but because she didn’t want to perform there later this year.

“I’m supposed to perform there. I wonder if the club that I’m supposed to perform at was part of the earthquake so that way I don’t have to perform. That was me just being lazy like, ‘I don’t want to perform.’ I never said I hope someone was in the earthquake. I hope somebody died. I hope this, I hope that. All of that was just me speaking.”

One reddit user responded to Nina Bo’Nina Brown’s video with shock: “I didn’t know she said the comment about the club collapsing. That is rightfully something people should/would be upset about. I’m kind of shocked at the level of insensitivity coming from her for someone who seems to fall into the victim role a lot.”

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Others defended the drag star’s on-video comments: “We all say silly things. That doesn’t mean we mean them. All these drama-thirsty bitches are on the rise, and you’ve just got to learn to deal with them. Unfortunately, that’s the reality with having a young audience. Girl, don’t let any of these losers hurt you with their racist and disgusting insults. Be strong, Nina!”

Still, others have doubled-down on blasting Nina as insensitive: “You said something dumb and insensitive. The racism you are receiving is unjustifiable and disgusting. But that’s a different conversation and nothing to do with joking or implying that an earthquake is karma for people that don’t like you, which is frankly narcissistic. Edit: I’ve watched the video and the way you generalize Mexicans is no better than the people that have been racist to you. You were racist in the video. Also people don’t need to be sharing your makeup videos to be mad. I try so hard to love you. You look stunning. But you keep drawing everything back to you and it’s so damn messy.”

What do you think of the comments made by Nina Bo’Nina Brown?

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