Nintendo’s Russian PR Manager Accused of Posting Anti-Gay Tweets

Nintendo’s Russian PR Manager Accused of Posting Anti-Gay Tweets

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The website Heatstreet alleges that Konstantin Govorun, Nintendo’s PR manager in Russia since October 2015, has a history of posting anti-gay tweets. As proof, the site linked to an archive of what seem to be now-deleted tweets; only one of them was issued after Govorun began working for the international video game company.

According to the archives, on December 20, 2016, Govorun tweeted, “Gay propaganda is any statement that gay relationship is equal to traditional one.”

On May 10, 2014, (in response to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, coming out as gay): “Every government official buying iPhones using “government money” supports gay propaganda. Now officially.”

On May 10, 2014: “In the WW3 there will be two coalitions: countries with military parades and countries with gay parades.”

On August 2014: “In the TV show Sense 8 i liked the thought that gays and lesbians are like a different culture, and race, and this kind of removes any further questions to them.”

Govorun’s tweets could be the result of Russia’s homophobic cultural influence; in June 2013, Russia passed a law criminalizing any pro-LGBTQ “propaganda”. But the fact that these tweets no longer exist on Govorun’s twitter account shows that he has perhaps thought better since publishing them.

While Nintendo excluded same-sex couples from its 2014 game Tomodachi Life, it later put a same-sex marriage option into its 2015 game Fire Emblem.

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