No, Homophobia Didn’t Keep Michael Sam Out Of The NFL

No, Homophobia Didn’t Keep Michael Sam Out Of The NFL

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Put down the rainbow pitchforks and Molovtov cocktails, folks! Homophobia is NOT to blame for Michael Sam leaving America to join the Canadian Football League. The true reason will SHOCK YOU. Michael Sam is… not actually talented enough to play in the NFL. You read correctly — I am in fact telling you that 2013 SEC Defensive Player of the Year is not good enough to be a NFL player.

Michael Sam is undersized. Compared to most defensive ends in the NFL, Sam is shorter and carries less weight. To be a successful pass rusher in the NFL you must have a unique blend of size and speed. Sam excelled at the University of Missouri where his blistering speed plowed through the competition. But NFL offensive linemen are taller, heavier and stronger than their college counterparts. While Sam has speed, his lack of size can be easily exploited by the average NFL linemen. Unfortunately, Sam’s strongest trait as a football player is ineffective against other NFL athletes.

Excelling as a professional athelte is incredibly difficult. Talent aside, your body must have the perfect frame and be specially developed to fit a predefined role. In Sam’s case, his body size is stuck between two roles. As a recent ESPN article explains, Sam is “considered a tweener by NFL clubs; he [does not] have quite the right body type to be a defensive end or an outside linebacker in the league.” When stuck between two positions a player’s success relies on being versatile. In the end Sam’s lack of size, strength, and versatility are the reason he is not in the NFL.

Two teams gave Sam a shot to showcase his talents — the St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams were intrigued by his play yet neither one found enough value to sign him to a long-term deal. Speaking of value, NFL owners are incredibly smart businessmen. Had Sam made the Dallas Cowboys, I guarantee you that Jerry “Scrooge-McDuck-Moneybag” Jones would have used Sam’s LGBT status as a business tool. What owner would give up on easy homo-dollars generated by Sam’s massive jersey sales? The NFL is a billion dollar business where everyone wants to win a championship. Franchises simply do not pass up on the opportunity to improve their roster — there is far too much money, fame and glory at stake.

Yes, the NFL may be bigoted, sexist, and homophobic, but that is not the reason why Michael Sam has decided to move on. After failing to generate interest from the NFL playing in Canada is a great opportunity for him to redevelop, refine and perfect his his skills. This is not fourth down for Michael Sam – this is but a false start. Give this young man a few years of hardwork and who know – we may still see him on Sunday Night Football

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