This Group Is Challenging People Not to Masturbate During ‘No Nut November’

This Group Is Challenging People Not to Masturbate During ‘No Nut November’

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A group of Reddit users on the discussion site’s NoFap sub-reddit have committed to “New Life” November 2017 (aka. “No Nut November”), a 30-day no masturbation challenge meant to help people “reboot” from a life of “excessive masturbation,” porn and sex addiction. Some NoFappers — or Fapstronauts, as some call themselves — claim that abstaining from porn, masturbation and orgasms helps them feel more focused, energetic and confident.

According to, the sub-reddit’s official website, the group embraces not masturbating as a way “to help you quit porn, improve your relationships and reach your sexual health goals.” They’re open to people of any gender and couples and call their approach, “science-based, secular and sex-positive.”

The group isn’t anti-masturbation or anti-porn per se. In fact, it began in June 2011 after a man named Alexander Rhodes decided to quit masturbating for a week as a way to curb his porn use.

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Rhodes shared his experience on Reddit and eventually found a small community of people who reported other personal improvements when they quit masturbating.

Here’s a video on the effects of web porn (linked to by the NoFap sub-reddit):

Since then, No Fap has encouraged its members to “reboot” from porn, masturbation and orgasms (PMO) using one of four modes. “Lite Mode” involves no porn; the “Standard Reboot” involves no porn or masturbating (with or without orgasming); “Hard Mode” involves no porn, masturbating, orgasming at all, even if done with a sexual partner; “Monk Mode” combines Hard Mode with another personally-created challenge like fasting, working out or avoiding all video media altogether.

Although No Fap encourages a 90-day reboot, they suggest that new Fapstronauts abstain for any length of time that feels like a accomplishment. The Reddit forum functions as a place for support and encouragement, but they also have a weekly newsletter, a YouTube channel (with no videos on it), a paid NoFap premium account with a 24/7 peer chatroom and weekly online support group and an “emergency app” for those who need help abstaining or remaining positive when urges occur.

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While some NoFappers say that they’ve discovered newfound confidence, free-time, energy, emotional maturity and intimacy as a result of their non-masturbation, the group’s main goal is to help its members “obtain a healthy sexuality where they prefer sexual interactions with people rather than a computer screen” or to recover from porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), something that can happen when a person becomes over-dependent on pornography for sexual arousal.


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