North Carolina Gymnasts Took a Stand for LGBTQ Rights

North Carolina Gymnasts Took a Stand for LGBTQ Rights

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The University of North Carolina women’s gymnastics team showed their support for queer rights by wearing pro-LGBTQ shirts.

The athletes of both teams—the Tar Heels and the Gators—showed up to promote Nike’s #BETRUE campaign, which celebrates queer participation in sports.

Go Heels writes:

The 4,071 in attendance set a new UNC gymnastics record. The two teams wore rainbow-themed #BETRUE t-shirts, and the Tar Heels tossed commemorative shirts to the crowd, many of whom were wearing rainbow ‘NC’ buttons. “It was awesome,” Lane said of the night. “There’s not a better word to encapsulate it all, but the amount of people that turned out was incredible. The #BETRUE campaign is really cool, just showing that we can love people, no matter if they’re different from us or the same. We love everyone. So it was really cool that this many people came out, and there as also much energy. It was so much fun.”

A stadium of over 4000 sports fans cheering for LGBTQ rights is an encouraging sign. It suggests that the state GOP’s anti-queer bigotry (like its support of HB2) doesn’t represent its constituents.

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