North Carolina Judge Blocks GOP Power Grab Against Democratic Governor

North Carolina Judge Blocks GOP Power Grab Against Democratic Governor

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Two weeks ago, North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature railroaded a law that largely disempowered the incoming Democratic Governor Roy Cooper from installing his own staff. The law also put Republicans in control of the state election boards during election years (y’know, so they could “handle” any pesky election issues). Cooper filed a lawsuit challenging the law and today, Wake County Superior Court Judge Don Stephen stopped the law from going into effect until he can review its potential consequences more closely. Consider a New Year’s gift to Cooper who takes office on New Year’s Day.

We haven’t wanted to kiss a judge this badly since U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves stopped Mississippi’s super anti-LGBT law from going into effect. Oh, and although those U.S. Supreme Court Justices who kinda sorta helped legalize marriage equality nationwide.

If courts continue to step in and correct the state’s legislature, maybe its elections will one day no longer resemble that of third-world dictatorships—consider that a New Year’s resolution, tar heels!


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