North Carolina’s Transphobic HB2 Law Has Cost the State $395 Million Business

North Carolina’s Transphobic HB2 Law Has Cost the State $395 Million

Written by Daniel Villarreal on September 21, 2016
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Although it’s impossible to get an exact dollar amount of all the cash that North Carolina has missed out on thanks to its horribly transphobic (and unnecessary) HB2 law, Emma Grey Ellis from Wired tried to do just that and came up with $395 million.

Here’s how Ellis arrived at that number:


    • $176,000 in legal fees for Republican lawmakers who have been sued over the law


    • $47,000 in legal fees for Governor Pat McCrory who has been sued over the law


    • $500,000 diverted from the state’s disaster relief fund to help pay for HB2 litigation


    • $87,700,000 lost from businesses refusing to expand in North Carolina since HB2 became law


    • $109,400,000 from canceled conferences, concerts and other events since HB2 became law



    • $51,000,000 from the NCAA relocating their championship game


    • $40,400,000 from the ACC relocating their championship game


It’s also worth noting that Governor McCrory, the guy who signed HB2 into law and who is up for re-election this year and his polling numbers are in the toilet. He has been trying to distance himself from the unpopular law: he dishonestly dodged questions about it during a recent press conference, quietly withdrew his lawsuit defending HB2 against the federal government and even offered to repeal the law if the city of Charlotte would also repeal their municipal LGBTQ protections — thankfully, the city of Charlotte told McCrory to buzz off and now he’s getting blasted in The New York Times because of his cowardly offer.

Just goes to show: hate doesn’t pay.

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