Watch This Norwegian Footballer Strip and Put His Penis in a Trophy to Celebrate the Team’s Victory NSFW

Watch This Norwegian Footballer Strip and Put His Penis in a Trophy to Celebrate the Team’s Victory

Written by Daniel Villarreal on December 06, 2017
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During Monday night’s celebration, 28-year-old Norwegian soccer player Aleksander Melgalvis Andreassen, a defender on the Lillestrøm Sportsklubb team, marked his team’s 3-2 victory against the Sarpsborg 08 Fotballforening team with a fully nude onstage striptease. During his dance, the bearded otter revealed his furry chest, lean bod and pert butt cheeks before slipping his genitals into the team’s trophy. The audience applauded the Norwegian soccer striptease, but as you can imagine, not everyone approved of the display.

It was the first time that Andreassen’s team had won the trophy in 10 years.

As he and his teammates gathered onstage, Andreassen removed his coat and began to unbutton his dress shirt, thrusting in his tight slacks once he removed his shirt. As the audience clapped in time with the music, he slipped off his belt, whirled it around his head and held it up in a classic striptease move.

At this point, someone took the mic and the music stopped. It soon resumed, though, and Andreassen proceeded to strip down to his black boxer briefs, eventually turning his back to the audience and stripping down completely.

His teammate then handed the trophy to him, and Andreassen strategically placed his genitals in the cup before facing the audience and speaking to them.

Let’s watch the Norwegian soccer striptease here:

The Norwegian Football Association communications director Yngve Haavik understood Andreassen’s excitement but didn’t approve of his celebration method. Haavik said:

Winning the cup is a big thing and obviously it should be celebrated, but it is very possible to do so in a manner that shows the cup a bit more respect. I am sure it wasn’t intentional from Melgalvis but it came out the wrong way regardless. I think Melgalvis and Lillestrøm agree with that.

Such victory celebration stripteases are somewhat common in sports. In October 2017, a baseball player, soccer player and rugby player all went viral after videos of them stripping down spread quickly online.

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