VIDEO: Norwegians Prank English-Speaking World With Beefcake Video

VIDEO: Norwegians Prank English-Speaking World With Beefcake Video

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It’s only been two years since we all learned that very important lesson about what foxes say. It feels like a million years ago, doesn’t it? But it was the fall of 2013. In case you’ve forgotten or blocked it all out, that worldwide hit came from Ylvis, a pair of Norwegian TV stars. But now a different pair of Norwegian TV stars have taken the internet by storm, thanks to a hilarious video featuring Scandinavian beefcakes trying to make themselves look as big as possible. Their method: inhabiting a tiny village where they tower over everything, from the houses to the roller coasters.

It’s all a joke, sadly, as much as we wish it were real. The two guys interviewed in the video are comedians Odd-Magnus Williamson and Henrik Thodesen, and the skit was part of the recent muscle episode of their sketch comedy show En helt vanlig dag. In the sketch, we see the muscle men of Lilleputthammer doing push-ups off a picnic table, squeezing into a tiny house for a meaty lunch, and explaining how they drink out of tiny cups in order to make their calves look bigger. In reality, Lilleputthammer’s a kids’ amusement park, whose buildings are modeled on the main street of nearby city Lillehammer.

There’s plenty of impressive muscle in the video, but the two comedians are wearing long-sleeved shirts for a reason. Henrik’s skinny legs immediately give away the fact that they’re not real bodybuilders. Not that they aren’t hot! Odd-Magnus (Odda for short) was voted the Sexiest Man of the Year by Elle Norway in 2011, and his shirtless pictorial shows that the hunky comedian knows his way around a gym. Henrik’s not quite so beefy, but he’s also gone shirtless for at least one comedy music video.

The bodybuilding video’s had over two million Youtube views in the last two weeks, and it’s already in the all-time top 20 videos on network TVNorge’s Youtube channel, which is even more impressive since the top 17 videos on the channel are all by Ylvis. For old times’ sake, here’s a flashback to the song that cracked the Billboard Top 10 two years ago this very week:

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