This Rising Makeup Artist Just Did a Blackface Tutorial on His Instagram (Video)

This Rising Makeup Artist Just Did a Blackface Tutorial on His Instagram (Video)

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A viral make-up artist just published a blackface makeup tutorial to his Instagram. The Russian artist, who goes by the name Not Cat Art, doesn’t seem to think it’s blackface or disrespectful, even though everyone on the internet is pointing out that it is.

He posted a video of him painting himself into a much darker shade, with the caption:  “I love skin of all colors and this look is inspired from it.. That we all are beautiful…and I wanna show you how it’s beautiful’.

To top off the whole stereotypical black experience, he puts a track by Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj on as the soundtrack, and completes his look by adding a pair of grills.

People are pissed.

Since he disabled his comments, people have taken to Twitter to comment on the video.

One writes, “Not Cat Art on ig IS FIRED. INDEFINITELY. This “makeup boy” responding with that picking cotton comment + the grill he threw in let’s you know the real intentions. Disgusting.”

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Another said: “Look who disabled their comments. Instagram beauty page Not Cat Art who did black face. He also commented back to Lauren Elyse a black women that what he did wasn’t racist and he doesn’t give a fuck about the past. A white person has no right to dictate what is and isn’t racist.”

Another adds, “@notcatart My darkskin is not something you can fuckin dress up in. You dont get to parade around “ dark” for fuckin fashion statements.”

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Before disabling comments on Instagram, No Cart Art liked an extremely racist comment left by one of his fans defending him from another commenter, a 14-year-old woman of color.

The commenter said, “And you look like a burnt n*gger tired of picking cotton.”

Since publishing, there has been a petition started asking Instagram to disable his account. As of press time, the petition had 6,716 signatures.

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