All Is Not Lost: 5 Reasons We Might Make It Out OK

All Is Not Lost: 5 Reasons We Might Make It Out OK

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In case you’ve been in a cave, Donald Trump is our new President-Elect. In fact, that might be why you’re in a cave. No one would blame you. And we’re not gonna lie — this is bad. It’s real bad. Bigots are feeling emboldened, we might have Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, and the last time the Republicans controlled the House, Senate and the Presidency was 1928… and we all know how that turned out. So, yeah — it looks bleak. Real bleak. But, thankfully, there’s some things that make us think we might ultimately be okay.

Obama’s Permanently Protected Planned Parenthood

Given Trump’s outspoken misogyny, it’s okay to be freaked out about the future of Planned Parenthood. In fact — if you’re looking for organizations to donate to, they’re probably a good one. But, thankfully, one of the things President Obama did in his final “don’t give a fuuuuuck” year was to enact a new rule protecting Title X — the family-planning program that provides funds to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

While Title X funds can’t go to funding abortion, Planned Parenthood does so much more than that. The new regulations state that states cannot withhold that funding for any reason “other than a provider’s ability to deliver services… in an effective manner.” In plain English, that means Republicans can’t vote to defund Planned Parenthood over abortion.

Jamie Dimon may be Secretary of the Treasury

OK — this might be a little esoteric. But Jamie Dimon’s been floated as a potential candidate to run the Treasury. Who’s Jamie Dimon? Well, he’s the CEO of JP Morgan. Yeah, JP Morgan was involved in the subprime mortgage crisis, and, honestly, we like the Icelandic solution.

But being pragmatic, we knew a banker was going to be Treasury Secretary — and that’s probably okay; you generally want someone who knows how money works to be in charge of money. And it could be a lot worse: Dimon is pretty well regarded in his industry, and he’s a life-long Democrat. He says he doesn’t want the job, but that’s what they all say. (And besides, maybe the guy who knows enough to not want the job is smart enough to be perfect for it.)

Congress is Way More Diverse Now

Much ink has been spilled over marijuana being legal in three more states recreationally and an additional three states medically. And that’s totally awesome! Same goes for the states that raised the minimum wage!

But the news was good for people running, too — though the Republicans claimed the Senate, it’s close — it’s a 48 Democrat/51 Republican split, and the Dems gained two seats while the Republicans lost two. (Unfortunately, the split in the House isn’t as friendly: 193 Democrat/239 Republican.)

Not just that, but many of the Democrats elected on the state and national level were LGBTQ and/or people of color! For example, Sam Park’s the first openly gay man elected to Georgia’s legislature. Kamala Harris of California and Pramila Jayapal from Washington are the first two Indian-American women elected to Congress. And that’s just a few of the milestones!

There Have Been Massive Protests

Thankfully, too — people haven’t been silent about Trump’s election. Complex has a huge list of protests that are planned, and in Portland, Oregon, cops are even helping out with the protests.

If nothing else, this just shows that people aren’t going to take Trump lying down — and he hasn’t even done anything yet. Just imagine what’s going to happen when he tries to enact any of his hateful plans on rolling back LGBTQ protections or immigration or trying to make Muslims register.

Well, at Least the Art Will be Good

Run the Jewels released a brand new single on Wednesday, for “everyone who is hurting or scared right now… It’s about fear and it’s about love and it’s about wanting more for all of us.” And of course, if you look back historically, lots of great music and movies came out of the Reagan/Thatcher years. And before that, there was the Vietnam War. So, if nothing else, we might be standing in the rubble of a civilization once gone by, but we’ll have some good tunes to go with it.



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