Now Hear This: Ten Videos To Kick Off Your Queer-Ass Weekend

Now Hear This: Ten Videos To Kick Off Your Queer-Ass Weekend

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Hey queen, it’s Friday! You made it. Me too. And you’re barely even hungover. Good for you. You go, Glenn Coco! Today, I’ve got ten new videos that have all come out in the last week or two to keep you going right on into Monday. That’s just the kind of guy I am.

If last week was moody, this week is… sassy. Get your mojo back and get your weekend on with these soon-to-be-but-not-quite-yet-played-out jams.

1. The Libertines – Gunga Din

Yes, that former gay hooker Pete Doherty is back with the Libertines, and giving you drunken Rudyard Kipling realness in this peppy, fun rocker shot in some open air market in Thailand. If anything can get you ready for the weekend, it’s watching this rude boy band set the finest example for you of bad behavior in a foreign country.

2. Disclosure – Holding on (ft. Gregory Porter)

Oh, we’re not done with the partying. Disclosure — the 21 and 24 year old brothers that saved House Music in 2013 when they were just tadpoles — are back with some grand ideas. Mexico City-set “Holding On” is going to be the first of four in a high concept series of videos off their forthcoming album Caracal.

Howard and Guy Lawrence set the radio ablaze two years ago with their “When A Fire Starts to Burn,” and gave Mary J. Blige her career’s next act when “F For U” reminded us how much we love her and want her belting out everything we ever hear on the dance floor for the rest of forever. “Holding On” follows the duo’s familiar framework of creating good, solid house music and bodes well for the rest of the album, due out in September.

3. Tink – Million

Shut up right this instant. I am having a significant experience listening to this brilliant Aaliyah sample. Listen to this over and over and over this weekend. Serious. This shit real.

4. LA Priest – Learning to Love

Just go buy the LA Priest album Inji already. “Oino” was my favorite single of the first quarter of this year, and this one is awesome, too. This queer-ass, frickin’ sexy hot keyboard & bass nostalgiagasm in your ear seals the deal. Also, I want that necklace. Buy it for me.

5. Stranger Cat – Sirens

This is what an orgy with Kate Bush would look like.

6. Tove Styrke – Number One

We have too many pop artists named “Tove”, and I wasn’t going to give her a chance, but trust me on this. Worth it. This peppy, dancy synthpop track is infectious and adorable. I will continue to look for more feel good shiz from Tove Styrke in the near future… as long as she doesn’t do a track with Tove Lo. Too freaking easy. Don’t do it.

7. Ben Browning – Friends of Mine

Cut/Copy didn’t die. Aussie Ben Browning’s electro sound survives under his given name with or without his bandmates. And who is that in the video? It’s Ray from Girls once again — just like last week. Alex Karpovsky is getting around in the Vevo scene, isn’t he?

8. Daddy B – I Want A Bear

Please please don’t pay too close attention to the lyrics… or the delivery of the lyrics. It’s a cute bear anthem. Seeing that it is Bear Week in Provincetown, it’s appropriate. That said, I have a feeling this may be the first and last thing we ever hear from Daddy B for a long time.

9. Jessica Sutta – Let It Be Love (Tommy Love Big Room Club Mix)

Oh, who’s that? It’s just a bunch of androgynous people, go-go boys, drag queens, and famous gay Jonny McGovern in background of this cute technicolor club-thumper. But, also, I think this is the death of “Yaaasss.” Over it.

10. Delorean – Crystal

Come down from the Sutta high with this atmospheric body mover with CGI from the 90s. Enjoy the weekend!

See you next week!

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