Now Hear This: The Amy Winehouse Biopic Is Apparently Great, and More

Now Hear This: The Amy Winehouse Biopic Is Apparently Great, and More

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First off, the biggest news is that music doesn’t come out on Tuesday anymore. So instead of this column appearing every Tuesday, it’ll appear every Friday. I’m still getting used to it, but for those of you who refuse to change, independent retailers have launched “Vinyl Tuesday” for new wax.

Amy, the documentary about Amy Winehouse, opens in wide release in the USA today. It’s been getting great reviews, including an “Essential Viewing” tag from the late, lamented Pitchfork film reviewing site The Dissolve. (I know this is a music column, but can I just say what a goddamn travesty it is that The Dissolve got shuttered Wednesday? In my opinion, it was the place to go for film.)

Goose Island Beer is releasing a new beer in collaboration with the rapper Chance The Rapper. No Collar will be a Helles-style lager with a 5.3% alcohol content. Two years ago, Goose Island collaborated with Run The Jewels on the creatively named Run The Jewels Wheat Ale.

New Releases This Week: 

The first New Music Friday’s a bit of a bust. Not a lot of new stuff coming out, but here’re some cool things:

The Glaswegian pop group Bis, famous for the Powerpuff Girls theme, has a new collection I ♥ Bis compiling all their early independent singles. If you like upbeat electronic rock, you’ll love it.

Nerd-favorite composer Bear McCreary has a new soundtrack album for Zom-B Movie.

Industrial Dance pioneers KMDFM have a new remix EP out called Salvation (which is significantly more than five letters).

Finally, the ones I’m gladdest about, the label Klanggalerie is reissuing some classic albums by Ralph Records band Renaldo & The Loaf with loads of bonus material. This batch includes Play Struve & SneffSongs For Swinging Larvae and their collaboration album with The Residents Title In Limbo. Klanggalerie is also issuing the Residents’ 13th Anniversary Tour: Live In The USA.

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