Now Hear This: Adele Announces 25, Neil Young’s Not Canadian And More!

Now Hear This: Adele Announces 25, Neil Young’s Not Canadian And More!

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On the UK’s hit show X Factor this Sunday, the above teaser commercial for Adele’s long awaited third album, 25 aired. Now she’s given the release date of the new album via Instagram: November 20.

25 out November 20th

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Spotify is in the news again for not paying artists: The most recent case involves Victory Records, the label known for bands like Taproot and Thursday. The label says Spotify hasn’t been paying out royalties to Victory’s artists at all — and we’re not talking a small amount: Victory claims they are owed for 53 million streams, a number backed up by Spotify’s own records. Victory Records are far from the only people to pull their music from Spotify over claims of non-payment: Acts as big as Thom Yorke and Taylor Swift have removed their music from the service. Smaller acts don’t have that luxury, however — David Lowery of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven has claimed that over 150 of his bands‘ songs that Spotify streams hasn’t even properly licensed or pays for, and those songs are all still up on Spotify.

In hilariously terrible movie news, a new unauthorized bio-pic of Neil Young claims the Canadian National Hero was born in Hollywood, California. When asked about the slight change to Young’s biography, the executive producer of the film, Vince Plankard said “Canadian stories don’t sell”.

In other news, Unicorn Booty’s Film Division would like to announce it’s in negotiations to film a biography on Leonard Cohen’s childhood in East LA. Noted Boston native, Mike Myers is set to star with Utahn William Shatner to play Cohen’s father.

Finally, tying together Canada, albums with numbers in them and November 20th, the same day as 25 comes out, Rush is releasing R40, a live album/concert film from their most recent tour, and likely to be the last with drummer extraordinaire Neil Peart, who this year announced his retirement from the road due to chronic tendonitis.

If a new concert film isn’t enough Rush for you, pre-orders have also begun on 2113: Stories Inspired by the Music of Rush, a collection edited by Kevin J. Anderson featuring authors like Michael Z. Williamson, David Alan Mack and Mercedes Lackey. The book is set to come out next April.

New Music This Week: Popsters 5 Seconds Of Summer are putting out their second studio album Sounds Good Feels Good.

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode has a new collaboration with SoulSavers, Angels and Ghosts.

Killing Joke have their 21st album since 1980, Pylon.

Joanna Newsom has a new album, Divers.

Finally, XTC’s album Oranges & Lemons is getting a greatly-expanded reissue, complete with new remixes in both stereo and 5.1 from Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson.

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