Now Hear This: New Music from Mika, Walk Off The Earth, Redd Kross and More

Now Hear This: New Music from Mika, Walk Off The Earth, Redd Kross and More

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Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth and says “IT’S TUESDAY! THAT MEANS IT’S RECORD DAY! GO! BUY MUSIC!” And here’s some of the best new music that’s out this week.

Our Winner This Week: Mika – No Place In Heaven

Immensely talented and openly gay vocalist Mika is back with his fourth album, No Place In Heaven. Compared to “Grace Kelly”, the new single “Good Guys” features the brilliant pop hooks of the earlier song, but with a more mature sound. Likewise, both singles feature the look at classic fame, but “Good Guys” focuses on the queer heroes of yesteryear. Mika may not have another massive hit, but it’s clear he’s still an ambitious artist.

Runner-Up: Walk Off The Earth – Sing It All Away

Pop-group Walk Off The Earth also drops their fourth album this week. Combining different flavors of music into a tasty pop-melange, Sing It All Away also features a guest spot by Steve Aoki on an alternate version of their song “Home We’ll Go”.

Also Notable: The Buggles – The Age of Plastic

Before Trevor Horn was in demand as a hit-making record producer, he was one of the guys in new wave group The Buggles. This is the album that’s got “Video Killed The Radio Star” on it, but it’s so much more, too. It’s a perfect slab of new wave… as if the perfectly new wave title The Age Of Plastic didn’t tip you off. Seriously, can you get a better description of the ’80s than that?

Other New Releases:  Hilary Duff has her first album in seven years, Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Another blast from the pop past, Third Eye Blind, are putting out their first album in six years, Dopamine.

Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert’s newest album, The Original High, features production from the team behind Taylor Swift’s smash 1989.

Ike Reilly is releasing Born On Fire on vinyl, CD and digital download.

Peter Murphy’s Remixes From Lion collects different mixes (mostly from Youth) of tracks from last year’s Lion.

Dutch avantpunk legends, The Ex have a new live DVD, And So Say All Of Us.

The awesome roots-rock group Heartless Bastards have a new one called Restless Ones.

Other New Reissues:  The soundtrack to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s midnight-movie favorite El Topo gets a new vinyl issue.

Weird J-Pop/Metal hybrid Babymetal reissues their self-titled album with bonus tracks and a new DVD.

Speaking of Trevor Horn, the album he produced with Grace Jones, 1986’s Slave To The Rhythm is getting a digitally remastered re-release.

Ultravox’s Ha!-Ha!-Ha! likewise is getting digitally remastered for a new release.

British rock legends Status Quo get a remaster for their 1973 album Hello!

Finally, Redd Kross’ 1990 album Third Eye is getting a vinyl reissue.

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