Now Hear This: Orphan Black Returns, Kendrick Lamar’s Secret Stash And More!

Now Hear This: Orphan Black Returns, Kendrick Lamar’s Secret Stash And More!

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What with the Grammys and The Life Of Pablo finally coming out a day late, we’ve had a busy entertainment week! In this week’s Now Hear This roundup, Orphan Black gets a release date, Killer Mike’s great op-ed about hip hop, the best version of Star Wars ever and more!

BBC America has announced when Orphan Black, the hit sci-fi series starring Tatiana Maslany is coming back. The show returns April 14th, so you can watch it while frantically trying to complete your taxes. If you can’t wait that long, maybe the new trailer will help with your withdrawal symptoms.

2016 needs to step off! Now Prince’s protege and frontwoman for Vanity 6 has died. Denise Katrina Matthews, better known as Vanity, died this week of kidney failure. She was 57. Prince has been paying tribute to her in concert; changing lyrics to be about her, and telling stories. R.I.P. Denise.

Killer Mike from Run The Jewels is perhaps becoming more known for his politics than his music. Luckily for us, he’s brilliant. This week, he focused his brilliance on an op-ed for CNN about the legal ramifications of disrespecting hip hop as an art form. The piece hangs on the court case Bell v. Itawamba County School Board, which may be heard by the Supreme Court — the case hinges on a student who created a song referencing claims that coaches at his high school have sexually harassed their students.

Mike also got a bit of flack this week for speaking out against Hillary Clinton; when he quoted progressive activist, Jane Elliott, as saying “a uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to have policy that’s reflective of social justice,” the quote was taken out of context. In one of the rare cases of a celebrity rightfully refusing to apologize — Mike explained himself on Twitter:

Killer Mike’s full speech is below:

Star Wars is probably one of the most tinkered-with films in history. Not just by George Lucas and his “special editions” that slathered the film with a bunch of dodgy CG effects and other bad decisions, but fans attempting to restore the original. But the latest fan edition is possibly the best: Taking an original 35mm print from 1977, fans lovingly restored every frame to make it look the best that it possibly can. At this point, it may even have better picture quality than what originally ran in theaters — it even beats the currently available official blu-ray!

Speaking of Star Wars, there’s a new Harrison Ford movie with a long-delayed sequel coming! Shooting will start in July for the Blade Runner sequel, due out January 12, 2018. While there are a few sequel novels by K.W. Jeter (friend of Philip K. Dick, writer of the original novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?. DICK-HEAD TRIVIA: K.W. Jeter is ALSO the basis of Kevin in Dick’s semi-autobiographical novel VALIS!), the new film will not be based on Jeter’s books. The film is set to star Ryan Gosling and, of course, Harrison Ford.

One surprising thing about Kendrick Lamar is how, instead of merely doing the new single on TV shows, he’ll often perform a brand new song. In an interview with 2DopeBoyz, he explains that he’s got a “vault” of songs that didn’t make the cut for his Grammy-winning album To Pimp A Butterfly for various reasons. He still really likes them, though, so instead of letting them sit, unheard, he’ll perform them on TV so they can still be heard. Neat, huh?

So, you’re looking for new music, but you’ve heard it all before? Well, drop everything and check out this Soundcloud mixtape of the Chinese independent music scene! Curated by Wooozy, the mix is a cross-genre look at overlooked musical subcultures. Check it out — you’re sure to find something you like… probably more than just “something”, too!

New Music This Week: Animal Collective’s newest is out today, Painting With.

Indie rockers Ra Ra Riot are putting out their fourth LP, Need Your Light.

Blowfly releases his last album, 77 Rusty Trombones. He was yet another casualty of 2016’s reign of terror.

Traditional Synthesizer Music by Venetian Snares hits today as well — wonder what kind of music’s on that?

Matmos’ first album with their new member, the Ultimate Care II washing machine, Ultimate Care II, is out.

’90s Britpop act Sleeper has a new best-of, Inbetweener.

The Fall are releasing their… 75,000th EP? That sounds about right… and it’s called Wise Ol’ Man.

Finally, experimental composer and music writer David Toop is releasing his newest work, Life On The Inside.


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