NOW HEAR THIS: Puff Daddy Releases Free Album, Sia’s New Video And More!

NOW HEAR THIS: Puff Daddy Releases Free Album, Sia’s New Video And More!

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Yesterday was Sean “P. Diddy” “Diddy” “Puffy” “Puff Daddy” Combs’ birthday, and to celebrate, he released his fifth album MMM for free download! The album — his first under the “Puff Daddy” name since his solo debut Forever, and Combs’ first solo album since 2006’s Press Play — features a strong roster of guests as well. The lineup includes Jadakiss, Lil’ Kim, French Montana, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa, among many others. “Finna Get Loose”, the single released earlier this year, does not appear on MMM, though – that’s lated for Combs’ sixth album, tentatively titled No Way Out II. 

Speaking of surprise comebacks, Napster’s back! The first file-sharing program to hit the mainstream was bought by Rhapsody in 2011 after an attempt to rebrand as a streaming music site. Rhapsody ended up killing the brand, but you can’t keep Napster down apparently — it’s been relaunched as a Canadian streaming service! Whether or not it can compete with Apple Music or Spotify remains to be seen, or if this is a harbinger of an early-2000s nostalgia wave.

Sia just dropped her brand new video for her single “Alive” for her upcoming album This Is Acting. As you might expect given her decision to stop showing her face, she doesn’t appear in the video; instead, it stars an ass-kicking small child in a Sia wig. We’re super excited for This Is Acting — due out in January — and you should be too: “Alive” was co-written by Adele, and was slated for 25, and it’s expected that Adele will have credits on some of the other cuts too.

Based on the success of the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, a biopic is in the works, potentially starring Noomi Rapace. The new film will be written and directed by Kirsten Sheridan, who previously made the films Dollhouse and August Rush.

Apparently, this may not be the only upcoming Amy Winehouse film — her father has said he intends to make a new documentary because he didn’t think Amy did his daughter justice. As for the creators of Amy, they’re working on a new film about Oasis.

It’s a common saw that music is nothing more than math… but have you ever heard math as music?! [Record Scratch SFX] Musician Jim Zamerski of The Ancient Melodies has translated the mathematical constant π into a waltz. While it probably won’t be the next number one on the pop charts, it’s surprisingly pretty.

New Music This Week: Demi Lovato’s got a new remix EP of her single “Confident”.

Country music superstar Tim McGraw releases Damn Country Music, his fourteenth LP.

The Elvis Costello discography from My Aim Is True to Blood & Chocolate is being re-issued yet again, this time on vinyl by Universal.

Some band no one’s heard of called the Beatles is releasing 1+, a CD/DVD of their greatest hits and promo videos… but how many hits can that be, right?

Caustic is releasing Industrial Music, which is both the title of the album and a description of its contents.

Rhino is putting out a 19-disc box set of Aretha Franklin: The Atlantic Albums Collection.

And finally, old white dudes rejoice! The long-awaited Roxy: The Movie is available on both CD and DVD from Frank Zappa!

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