Now Hear This: Scott Weiland RIP, New Order Sued and More!

Now Hear This: Scott Weiland RIP, New Order Sued and More!

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Late last night, Billboard reported the death of Scott Weiland, singer of Stone Temple Pilots. He was 48. The cause of death has not been released, however Weiland has long struggled with substance abuse problems. May he rest in peace.

New Order’s got a brand new album out, and as any fan knows, a New Order album always comes with a side of drama. Peter Hook, the original bassist, is suing the rest of New Order, claiming they’re screwing him out of royalties.

The suit alleges that when New Order set up a new company in 2011 when the band re-formed, they cut Hook out (perhaps because he hasn’t been in the band since 2007 and, oh yeah, hates them). Hook claims that instead of getting one and a quarter percent of royalty earnings for new, post-Hook New Order music, he should get 12.5 percent. The band, however, claims Hook just wants to spite them and/or rejoin the band.

At least their new album, Music Complete, is a nice soundtrack to the juicy drama!

Beater of Rihanna Chris Brown was scheduled to appear on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah this Tuesday, but when the episode aired, he’d been replaced by Nick Cannon (who has not beaten up anyone, as far as we know).

While Comedy Central’s statement made it sound like Brown merely got bumped, but on Monday, the Daily Beast ran a piece about how the Daily Show staff was split on whether or not Brown should be given a platform on the show. Noah, however, said that his intent on inviting Brown was to interview him about domestic violence. Whether or not Brown will return is still up in the air.

Every year, DJ Earworm does a huge, monster-mashup of the pop songs from the past year — and this year’s just dropped! “United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)” is a five minute long megamix of the top 50 pop songs of the year. Did he leave anyone out? Let us know in the comments!

It looks like “Save A Prayer” isn’t the only cover song to fund charities in Paris — Eagles of Death Metal, the band that was playing during the attacks on the Bataclan theater in Paris, is not only donating all the royalties of their song “I Love You All The Time” to the Sweet Stuff Foundation, a charity helping out victims of the attacks. Not only that, but they’re encouraging anyone and everyone to cover the song, and those royalties will also go to the foundation!

Musicians are already taking up the cause! One of the first was longtime friend of Josh Homme of EODM, Dean Ween. My Morning Jacket have also got in on this action, as have Savages, Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Petra Haden of that dog.

It may surprise you to learn that Jack White of the White Stripes is a fan of vinyl — he loves records so much, he bought the gear to press them! White’s Third Man Records is buying new record pressing machinery, and hopes to have eight presses up and running. As of right now, there are only sixteen plants in the United States that still press records.  The largest pressing plant is United Record Pressing, which has had quality issues in the past. Here’s hoping Jack White’s as good at making records as he is at recording them.

If you’re looking for another reason to love Henry Rollins, how’s this — how many people do you know with a worm named after them? Scientists in the UK have discovered Rollinschaeta myoplena, a fireworm. The creature got the name because it’s particularly muscular, just like Rollins! Since Rollinschaeta is extinct, we don’t know whether or not the worm also had a successful spoken word career.

New Music This Week: The biggest news is the new Coldplay album, A Head Full Of Dreams, their newest since last year’s Ghost Stories.

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, if you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, you might try the Cream 7″ Singles Box, collecting ten seven-inches from 1967-1970.  On the other hand, if you’re shopping for David Lynch, he might dig the new Rammstein box set XXI: The Vinyl Box Set, collecting all seven albums in 2-LP sets, plus two additional platters of rarities. Neato!

If you liked Listen, David Guetta’s album from last year, you’ll like Listen Again, which pairs the original album with a full disc of bonus tracks.

Metal band Ice Nine Kills has their fifth album out today, Every Trick In The Book.

Momus has his thirtieth album, Glyptothek.

And, finally, perhaps not the biggest release, but certainly the most important, feline-alien-American superstar Lil BUB‘s got her first album out, Science & Magic.

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